The HVAC professional who helped us is a genius

When we called for HVAC maintenance with a different HVAC company recently, we were surprised with the HVAC pro who came to our door.

  • First of all, it was a kind young lady and she seemed somewhat awkward at first for some reason.

She told us she had ASD and to please be understanding, but she was fully capable of doing good work on our heating and cooling equipment. She easily answered all our questions and she did seem to be very knowledgeable, so we showed her to the HVAC equipment. When we asked a few more questions, she answered our questions again but asked us to please refrain from asking anymore questions until after the diagnosis was completed. She then explained in perfect detail what was going on with our HVAC equipment and covered some options for us if we wanted to have certain parts replaced. She said those parts could last another year or so, but sometimes people would forget to make necessary replacements and they might be overlooked. She said if that were the case, the repair on the HVAC would be much more costly and she wanted to see us save money in the long run. I honestly felt like we were speaking with a genius HVAC professional who might want to become an engineer to make greater energy efficient HVAC systems. After the repairs were completed, she answered the remainder of our questions and we had a nice conversation. I must say, that was the nicest HVAC repair experience we ever had! We hope to see her again soon.

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I thought I could repair my HVAC, but I ended up going for a replacement

When I had an HVAC professional out to my place recommending what I would do with my broken down heating system, he started talking about getting a replacement heating system. He had to explain to me carefully that my HVAC system was pretty old and I really should have been saving up for a replacement. He started talking about all kinds of systems I could go for like dual-fuel heating systems, boilers, geothermal heat pumps, and more. When he got around to zoned HVAC systems, I had to stop him to ask him what he was talking about. He explained that zoned HVAC systems would provide me with the ability to have customized temperature control settings in different areas of the house. I had to think about it for a minute for my mind to grasp this concept. He explained that there were zoning options for ductless and ducted systems alike, but he recommended the ductless HVAC systems since they are more energy saving. I honestly never would have dreamed of having a zoned HVAC system because I knew nothing about it, but I ended up going for a ductless multi-split system which is amazing! I love working in my office now because I can actually crank the AC to my desired settings and I’m still saving money on the energy bills! I also love being able to adjust the AC just right in my bedroom so it makes it entirely easier to sleep during the night. Before, I was using a window AC unit in my room, but now that window AC unit is in my attic in case I need backup cooling sometime in the future.

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The new heating system will provide plenty of warmth this season

That’s when I said, “Speaking of the heat this season, I need the heating to be working well in my home this season!” He laughed and finally got back on topic.

I was happy when I was able to get an HVAC technician out to my house to help me figure out the issues with my old boiler system. This man was entirely knowledgeable and definitely knew what he was talking about. Personally, I just didn’t want to freeze in the winter season. We have a fireplace which would keep us safe, but I don’t want to keep adding firewood in the middle of the night, I’d rather adjust the temperature control settings as needed. Well, the guy was saying we could repair the boiler, but then he kept digressing and talking about football. When I asked him about the other options for the heating equipment, he went right back to talking about his favorite Quarterback and how he was going to bring the heat this season. That’s when I said, “Speaking of the heat this season, I need the heating to be working well in my home this season!” He laughed and finally got back on topic. He said personally he would prefer to replace the old boiler with something modern and energy efficient. He then went over the options with me and I was pleased with the energy efficiency of some of the modern boilers. I then committed to a certain boiler and he said he would be back for the installation. He was back alright and talking more about football, but I didn’t mind because I knew he would do good work with the new heating system installation and of course I was excited to watch football with perfect warmth in my home thanks to a modern heating system.

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The new fireplace upgrade turned out to be amazing

When my wife and I decided to buy a house, we found this really awesome place that has a fireplace.

Now the fireplace was made of old brick, but it was in great shape.

My wife was saying that we should replace all the brick and use some polished looking stone or something. I actually thought the brick looked nice though. I thought perhaps the bricks could be polished up and cleaned or something, but I didn’t think we had to replace everything for the fireplace to look nice. Well, after going to a masonry store to see what replacements were available, we both ended up really liking this particular fireplace that was so fantastic. We got a quote on the installation and it was doable, so we went for it. I have to admit that my wife was right, the modern fireplace is really nice and I find myself spending many hours just relaxing in front of the fireplace. More recently, I decided to get a smart thermostat for our HVAC system. One thing I have noticed is that the temperatures tend to fluctuate when you are using your fireplace depending on how much wood you are burning. So I decided that it would be nice to be able to adjust the temperature control settings remotely with perfect ease. I didn’t realize that we would end up saving way more money on the energy bills though! We have been saving a little over 10% on the energy bills since getting the smart thermostat, and it really is a beautiful thing!


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I worked hard to get into the HVAC industry

I’ve always been interested in learning more about heating and cooling technology, ever since I was a youngster.

I worked with my uncle on different heat and AC products.

He showed me how to fix window AC units and I helped buddies of mine with their issues on their window AC units. I even learned how to work on heaters. Eventually, I wanted to learn how to work on residential systems and even commercial systems. I went to get my HVAC certification through a local trade school, and I can’t tell you how much I learned. Of course, I remember all the interviews I went to. Most of the HVAC companies I went to told me they were not hiring which was a real drag for me. I never gave up though because this was my passion, and I wanted to be the best HVAC expert I could be and actually help people for a living. I’ll never forget the last interview I went to. The guy was very down to earth and had a fantastic personality. He laughed at all the jokes I told, even the corny ones. I actually was wearing this old clip-on tie too with an old suit that was kind of tight on me. I was just glad the temperature control settings were nice in the office during the interview. But at one point, I laughed so hard that my clip-on tie came off. That triggered even more laughter between us. He said that I wouldn’t be needing my clip-on tie while working out in the field, and he said he definitely wanted me on his team. I went through the training process which went great and I have been happily working in the HVAC industry ever since.

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My father didn’t want to hear about HVAC installs without professionals

My old man always did things the way he was taught when he was coming up.

  • He would tell me how important it was to have regular HVAC system maintenance done via the professionals.

That’s something I happen to agree on. Of course, when I recently tried to tell him about installing an HVAC system without the help of professionals, he thought I had lost my mind. He had to tell me all over again about how the HVAC professionals go to school and specialize in this type of work. He asked me how we could possibly install our own HVAC systems if we were not certified in this type of work. I told my father that I was going to install my own HVAC and I would show him, and he told me I better get my HVAC certification then. Well, I wasn’t going for an HVAC that was highly advanced or anything like a geothermal HVAC or a dual-fuel heating system. I was simply going for a DIY ductless mini split system. I read a lot about these HVAC systems and how they could be installed by the average homeowner, which I was trying to explain to my father. Of course, my father didn’t want to hear anything about it, he just wanted to keep everything up with the professionals. Again though, I agree with doing that. I think the professionals need to take care of the regular HVAC care and maintenance even if the HVAC equipment was not installed by them. I did end up showing my father the HVAC I installed, and he was surprised. He had a hard time believing I took care of the installation,but he said I did a good job.


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The HVAC professional was patient and helped me find the perfect HVAC

I was hoping that my HVAC would actually last longer than me, so I never had to worry about getting another HVAC installation in the distant future

I have to admit that I was surprised when I called a new HVAC company in my area. The guy who I was speaking to on the phone was very knowledgeable and stayed on the phone until all my questions were answered. Not only that, but he offered to give me a free consultation at my home, so he could show me the different HVAC systems available on the market. I was really unsure which HVAC would be best for my home. I was happy to see the HVAC professional who showed up. It turned out, this was the same guy who I was speaking to on the phone for all that time. He was entirely patient and it was nice to be able to put a face to the kind HVAC worker. We talked about everything from dual-fuel heating systems to radiant heated floors. I was pretty interested in all the ductless options, but when we got around to talking about geothermal HVAC systems, I was intrigued. I thought it was brilliant to tap into the natural stable temperatures under the ground and I wanted to have an HVAC system that would last a very long time. I was hoping that my HVAC would actually last longer than me, so I never had to worry about getting another HVAC installation in the distant future. Well, he told me these geothermal HVAC systems can last as long as 50 years with proper care and maintenance. I couldn’t pass it up, especially when he told me they were offering a 20% discount for geothermal HVAC installations. I ended up going for it and so far, I really love this HVAC, it’s just what I needed!



A little bit of disturbing news to get me into making smarter choices

Something that really shocked me awhile back was when I was reading about how certain brands of candies were said to be unfit for human consumption because of some of the ingredients that were very unhealthy.

It was more of a warning than anything, because I noticed that all these candy brands were still on the shelves, and people were still buying them.

This made me pause and reflect on my eating habits and my overall lifestyle. I knew that I had to change things because I wasn’t getting enough exercise and I certainly needed to start choosing healthier foods. One of my favorite pastimes was always just getting a large plate of chicken wings with some soda and some candies, and munching away with the AC system blasting. I would have the temperature control settings just right in my room, rest myself in front of my big screen TV and watch movies, tv shows, or play video games. I finally decided to give up all the candy and unhealthy drinks, and switched to drinking water only and finding healthy snacks to munch on. It was not very easy and I do slip up on occasion, but I have found that I’m much healthier these days. I’m also more aware of the energy usage in my home as I’ve been looking into energy saving tips. I even have a smart thermostat now which makes it easier for me to save on the energy bills. I’m happy that I’m making smarter choices now, and I hope I can keep this going.


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We didn’t have to use the cooling hats afterall

The other day, it was cloudy, but there was a nice breeze outside.

I decided that it would be nice to go for a walk with my wife.

I asked her if she would like to go for a walk and at first she gave me a funny look. I guess it’s because I don’t usually ask her if she wants to do something like that. I reminded her that we had a lot of hiking trails around our property, and we could go walking along one of the trails. She asked me if it was going to rain, and she wanted to know the temperature outside. I told her she didn’t have to go, she could just relax at home with the air conditioning while watching a television show or movie. She thought about it and said that she wanted to go. She advised that we bring umbrellas though just in case it rained and she also reminded me about the cooling hats we had. We have these cooling hats that are great for providing cooling when you’re outside in the heat. You just soak the hats and they have a cooling effect. There are also small fans you can clip on for extra cooling and there’s a reflective surface on the top of the hats which reflect the intense heating coming from the sun. Since it was cloudy, we never ended up using the cooling hats, it was actually a relaxing walk and we had a good time. I was also happy that we didn’t have to use the umbrellas because it never rained.


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Over the years I became careless with the HVAC maintenance

In the one indoor unit, he said the air filter was so clogged that it was blocking the airflow.

It was quite a few years back when we had our ductless mini split air conditioner installed. The HVAC professionals back then were asking if we wanted to enroll into their air conditioner service plan which would cover all tune-ups, cleanings, and air filter washes. I decided to pass on the air conditioner service plan because I thought we would be able to handle everything just fine. Well, we kept up with regular air filter cleanings in the beginning, but then started slacking. The HVAC continued to work over the years, until one of our indoor units quit working altogether. We couldn’t deal with this sort of problem, so I called for HVAC service. The HVAC professional said that we not only were supposed to keep the air filters clean, but we also had to replace them after a few years. He explained the air filters were entirely filthy and also too torn up to continue to use. In the one indoor unit, he said the air filter was so clogged that it was blocking the airflow. That inturn caused the fan motor to burn out, so that had to be replaced. We had a very expensive repair bill when everything was completed, but at least we had our air conditioning working again. The guy this time asked if I would like to enroll in their air conditioning service plan because it would be highly beneficial. I couldn’t pass up this time, because I didn’t want any more costly repair bills down the road just because I was being careless with the HVAC maintenance.

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