The HVAC professional who helped us is a genius

When we called for HVAC maintenance with a different HVAC company recently, we were surprised with the HVAC pro who came to our door.

  • First of all, it was a kind young lady and she seemed somewhat awkward at first for some reason.

She told us she had ASD and to please be understanding, but she was fully capable of doing good work on our heating and cooling equipment. She easily answered all our questions and she did seem to be very knowledgeable, so we showed her to the HVAC equipment. When we asked a few more questions, she answered our questions again but asked us to please refrain from asking anymore questions until after the diagnosis was completed. She then explained in perfect detail what was going on with our HVAC equipment and covered some options for us if we wanted to have certain parts replaced. She said those parts could last another year or so, but sometimes people would forget to make necessary replacements and they might be overlooked. She said if that were the case, the repair on the HVAC would be much more costly and she wanted to see us save money in the long run. I honestly felt like we were speaking with a genius HVAC professional who might want to become an engineer to make greater energy efficient HVAC systems. After the repairs were completed, she answered the remainder of our questions and we had a nice conversation. I must say, that was the nicest HVAC repair experience we ever had! We hope to see her again soon.

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