I worked hard to get into the HVAC industry

I’ve always been interested in learning more about heating and cooling technology, ever since I was a youngster.

I worked with my uncle on different heat and AC products.

He showed me how to fix window AC units and I helped buddies of mine with their issues on their window AC units. I even learned how to work on heaters. Eventually, I wanted to learn how to work on residential systems and even commercial systems. I went to get my HVAC certification through a local trade school, and I can’t tell you how much I learned. Of course, I remember all the interviews I went to. Most of the HVAC companies I went to told me they were not hiring which was a real drag for me. I never gave up though because this was my passion, and I wanted to be the best HVAC expert I could be and actually help people for a living. I’ll never forget the last interview I went to. The guy was very down to earth and had a fantastic personality. He laughed at all the jokes I told, even the corny ones. I actually was wearing this old clip-on tie too with an old suit that was kind of tight on me. I was just glad the temperature control settings were nice in the office during the interview. But at one point, I laughed so hard that my clip-on tie came off. That triggered even more laughter between us. He said that I wouldn’t be needing my clip-on tie while working out in the field, and he said he definitely wanted me on his team. I went through the training process which went great and I have been happily working in the HVAC industry ever since.

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