A little bit of disturbing news to get me into making smarter choices

Something that really shocked me awhile back was when I was reading about how certain brands of candies were said to be unfit for human consumption because of some of the ingredients that were very unhealthy.

It was more of a warning than anything, because I noticed that all these candy brands were still on the shelves, and people were still buying them.

This made me pause and reflect on my eating habits and my overall lifestyle. I knew that I had to change things because I wasn’t getting enough exercise and I certainly needed to start choosing healthier foods. One of my favorite pastimes was always just getting a large plate of chicken wings with some soda and some candies, and munching away with the AC system blasting. I would have the temperature control settings just right in my room, rest myself in front of my big screen TV and watch movies, tv shows, or play video games. I finally decided to give up all the candy and unhealthy drinks, and switched to drinking water only and finding healthy snacks to munch on. It was not very easy and I do slip up on occasion, but I have found that I’m much healthier these days. I’m also more aware of the energy usage in my home as I’ve been looking into energy saving tips. I even have a smart thermostat now which makes it easier for me to save on the energy bills. I’m happy that I’m making smarter choices now, and I hope I can keep this going.


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