My father didn’t want to hear about HVAC installs without professionals

My old man always did things the way he was taught when he was coming up.

  • He would tell me how important it was to have regular HVAC system maintenance done via the professionals.

That’s something I happen to agree on. Of course, when I recently tried to tell him about installing an HVAC system without the help of professionals, he thought I had lost my mind. He had to tell me all over again about how the HVAC professionals go to school and specialize in this type of work. He asked me how we could possibly install our own HVAC systems if we were not certified in this type of work. I told my father that I was going to install my own HVAC and I would show him, and he told me I better get my HVAC certification then. Well, I wasn’t going for an HVAC that was highly advanced or anything like a geothermal HVAC or a dual-fuel heating system. I was simply going for a DIY ductless mini split system. I read a lot about these HVAC systems and how they could be installed by the average homeowner, which I was trying to explain to my father. Of course, my father didn’t want to hear anything about it, he just wanted to keep everything up with the professionals. Again though, I agree with doing that. I think the professionals need to take care of the regular HVAC care and maintenance even if the HVAC equipment was not installed by them. I did end up showing my father the HVAC I installed, and he was surprised. He had a hard time believing I took care of the installation,but he said I did a good job.


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