We didn’t have to use the cooling hats afterall

The other day, it was cloudy, but there was a nice breeze outside.

I decided that it would be nice to go for a walk with my wife.

I asked her if she would like to go for a walk and at first she gave me a funny look. I guess it’s because I don’t usually ask her if she wants to do something like that. I reminded her that we had a lot of hiking trails around our property, and we could go walking along one of the trails. She asked me if it was going to rain, and she wanted to know the temperature outside. I told her she didn’t have to go, she could just relax at home with the air conditioning while watching a television show or movie. She thought about it and said that she wanted to go. She advised that we bring umbrellas though just in case it rained and she also reminded me about the cooling hats we had. We have these cooling hats that are great for providing cooling when you’re outside in the heat. You just soak the hats and they have a cooling effect. There are also small fans you can clip on for extra cooling and there’s a reflective surface on the top of the hats which reflect the intense heating coming from the sun. Since it was cloudy, we never ended up using the cooling hats, it was actually a relaxing walk and we had a good time. I was also happy that we didn’t have to use the umbrellas because it never rained.


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