The new fireplace upgrade turned out to be amazing

When my wife and I decided to buy a house, we found this really awesome place that has a fireplace.

Now the fireplace was made of old brick, but it was in great shape.

My wife was saying that we should replace all the brick and use some polished looking stone or something. I actually thought the brick looked nice though. I thought perhaps the bricks could be polished up and cleaned or something, but I didn’t think we had to replace everything for the fireplace to look nice. Well, after going to a masonry store to see what replacements were available, we both ended up really liking this particular fireplace that was so fantastic. We got a quote on the installation and it was doable, so we went for it. I have to admit that my wife was right, the modern fireplace is really nice and I find myself spending many hours just relaxing in front of the fireplace. More recently, I decided to get a smart thermostat for our HVAC system. One thing I have noticed is that the temperatures tend to fluctuate when you are using your fireplace depending on how much wood you are burning. So I decided that it would be nice to be able to adjust the temperature control settings remotely with perfect ease. I didn’t realize that we would end up saving way more money on the energy bills though! We have been saving a little over 10% on the energy bills since getting the smart thermostat, and it really is a beautiful thing!


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