The feast was so delicious, but I knew I had to do something about the HVAC

He said he could repair it, but it wouldn’t work as well as we wanted

I remember not too long ago, my wife made this wonderful dinner. She had ham, steak, and chicken smothered with honey mustard and bacon pieces. She had something good for everybody and it was a feast. We had green beans, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, corn, and everything was so fantastic. It felt like we were having a Thanksgiving feast, but she just did this because she wanted to surprise everybody with a delicious dinner. She also invited different family members over and friends. The only thing that made me feel bad was the fact that all the cooking made the house rather overheated. We had to use all the ceiling fans and we were cranking the AC system as much as possible, but it was hard for the AC to keep up with a house filled with guests. Even though it was slightly overheated in the house, everybody stuck around to enjoy all the good food, and nobody left early either! After that fantastic feast, I ended up calling a local HVAC company to see what could be done. The professional who came out suggested that we go for an HVAC upgrade since our central cooling system was so old. He said he could repair it, but it wouldn’t work as well as we wanted. We ended up having a new ductless multi-split system installed. We now have indoor HVAC units in each room of the house, and an extra powerful unit in the kitchen so it doesn’t become overheated. My wife lately has been overjoyed while cooking in the kitchen, but she hasn’t prepared any huge feasts just yet.

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It’s best to stick with the professionals

I made arrangements for the heating maintenance and the familiar HVAC experts came out to take care of everything

I had a bad dream a little while back about me trying to do my own heating maintenance. Of course the winter is approaching in a few short months, so it’s something that has been on my mind. I was meaning to call up the heating professionals of course, but I did briefly consider trying to take care of the heating maintenance on my own. Well, after this dream I had, it’s something I just don’t even want to risk. In my dream, while I was working on the heater, I ended up electrocuting myself shortly after I started. After that happened, the heater blew up and caught everything on fire. I was finally able to get up but the flames were surrounding me and I remember thinking how foolish I was for not just calling up the local HVAC professionals. Well, fortunately, that was just a bad dream and instead of delaying the essential heating system maintenance, I called them up in the morning. I made arrangements for the heating maintenance and the familiar HVAC experts came out to take care of everything. I even told these guys about my horrible dream and I wondered if a situation like that would be possible. They said it wasn’t likely that my HVAC would explode like that, but it certainly was possible with a gas furnace that is not properly maintained. Just the thought of it scares me to death, so I don’t think I would ever try to risk doing some crucial HVAC maintenance like that on my own, it’s best to stick with the professionals.


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(4) I just wanted to relax on the porch with perfect comfort

Not so long ago, I decided to relax on the enclosed porch, take in the nature that surrounds the house, and write some poetry.

I realized that nature was truly inspiring, especially on the days where there would be rainstorms and I was able to enjoy writing with an actual roof over my head.

Eventually though, I realized that my enclosed porch needed something more. I was only able to enjoy resting on the porch when it wasn’t too hot and humid or when it wasn’t absolutely freezing outside. So I decided I needed to have some sort of HVAC system installed, but I wasn’t quite sure what to go for. I finally decided to call up a local contractor and I was able to consult with a professional. He said that my enclosed porch could use a little more insulation, but he said with a good ductless mini split air conditioner, I would certainly find comfort inside year round. I was confused because he was talking about an air conditioner, but I didn’t see how a cooling machine was going to keep me comfortable in the winter months. He laughed and explained the ductless mini split air conditioner also has heating capability. This threw me for a loop and I wanted to learn more. He told me all about it and how I could even have zones installed throughout my house. I was so fascinated with it all, I decided to have the ductless mini split installed throughout my whole house with many different zones, including my enclosed porch. Now I relax on the porch all the time, year round with perfect comfort just like the expert said!


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I didn’t know what I should get until I had a free consultation

When I was looking for an HVAC for sale in recent months, I was not having a lot of luck.

I went to a few different HVAC suppliers, but I wasn’t able to find anything that I could actually afford.

I mean, I guess I could have purchased a portable AC system, but I learned those weren’t as energy efficient as I wished. I also could have gone for window AC units, but they were also not as energy efficient as I would have hoped for. I looked at all kinds of different places for the right HVAC devices for the right price. I even checked different yard sales where I did find an old oil furnace, but that definitely wasn’t something I would have decided to go for. I was happy when I finally just called a local contractor to come out and give me a free consultation. I honestly should have done this at the beginning. Even the gentlemen at the HVAC suppliers recommended that I do that, but I was impatient and uninterested at the time. Anyway, I had this free consultation and the HVAC pro was very knowledgeable. He told me everything I needed to know about the HVAC systems that would likely be in my price range. He highly recommended ductless mini split systems and said I could even install one on my own. I was surprised to hear that, but he explained that it could be done even with very minimal knowledge about how HVAC systems operate. It was about two weeks later when I had my ductless mini split arrive and I installed it with the greatest of ease!

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You can find some of the best heat and AC products at your local HVAC supplier

If you’re looking for some of the best heating and cooling products on the market, it’s essential to check out your local HVAC supplier.

At a good local contractor, you’ll discover some of the hottest items out there like smart thermostats, electric fireplaces, ductless mini split systems and more! When you speak with a knowledgeable HVAC professional about some of the modern systems, you can learn a great deal about the most impressive HVAC systems.

You might learn about geothermal HVAC systems and how they not only provide perfect comfort, they also are beneficial to the environment. You might discover dual-fuel heating systems which are the ideal solution for the harshest winter environments. You may even decide to look into hydronic heating systems. You can have a boiler system installed hooked up with radiant heated floors or radiators. Whatever system you choose to look into, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at a reputable local contractor. Remember, before you check out any place, be sure to take a look online and check some of the reviews. You’ll typically be able to find good reviews on google maps when looking up a location, or you can check other review sites which can be quite helpful. When you find the right place, they’ll help you out with all your heating and cooling needs. In some cases, you might even learn about DIY systems from the professionals. Some people might think it’s strange, but yes, there are DIY ductless mini splits that can be installed by the average homeowner and it’s a great way to save money!



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The new air conditioner installation wasn’t a bad price

For a long time ever since I bought my home, I have been using window AC units.

I remember when I first got a quote from a local contractor to see how much it would cost to have central AC equipment installed.

The cost was way too costly for me and so I decided to go for a seemingly cheaper option. So I went to a local HVAC supplier and started checking out all the window AC unit options. I looked at a few other things too like wall air conditioners and portable AC devices. At the time when making this important decision for my cooling comfort at home, I thought the window AC units would be the easiest to have installed and that’s why I purchased a bunch of those. The window AC units seemed nice for a little while, but I honestly grew tired of having to remove them from the windows at the end of the fall and then I would have to reinstall them in the spring season. On top of that, my energy bills were not very low when using too many window AC units at any given time, especially on the overheated days. Sometimes I would have no choice but to run most of the window AC units, also in the children’s bedrooms. More recently, I finally was able to do something that made sense. I decided to have our local contractor install a ductless mini-split air conditioner with multiple zones. I never even knew about these systems until a buddy told me about them. I was happy to learn our local contractor could handle the installation, and the price wasn’t too bad!

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Found the best sort of HVAC while on the road

For the past nearly two decades, I’ve had to travel a lot for business.

In fact, that’s a big part of my job. Going out to be the face of the company is part of my job description. So whether I’m implementing services, closing deals or addressing challenges, I’m out traveling a lot. But when the pandemic arrived, that changed just about everything. Instead of hopping on a plane to endure not such great air conditioning during my flight, I was grounded. Not only was I grounded but I also couldn’t work inside the zone controlled HVAC comfort of the offices. We were all sent home to work from our own air conditioning. While that wasn’t so bad when it came to the work I normally did inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I still had to get to customers. Initially, I tried to do that online with meetings or I’d hold a conference call. Yet, I could tell that this wasn’t getting it done from the customer standpoint. So that led me to packing up the car, hitting the air conditioning and spending all summer of 2020 on the road. I just spent a lot of time out on the interstate crisscrossing my territory. It ended up being just the thing to do as we didn’t lose one of our valued clients. I was able to get to them in a safe way and always masked up and all that. But I also found that I enjoyed the lodging along the interstate far better than the fancy downtown hotels. For one, those interstate hotels have the most reliable and consistent HVAC cooling of any place I’ve ever stayed.
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Holiday season means more HVAC air filters

Marrying my wife has probably been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

She just opened me up to a lot of joy and beauty I otherwise would be missing. Plus, she’s my best friend and partner in all things. It’s so nice to know that someone is forever in your corner. So when holiday season rolls around, I make sure I’m prepared for her needs by getting a full case of HVAC air filters. Sort of sounds weird that my wife’s holiday needs include a full case of HVAC air filters. But when Thanksgiving week comes around, that’s my que to head to the home improvement store for air filters. The reason for that is that my wife had the most unusual holiday tradition. She fills the house with candles as part of her holiday decorations. And as soon as the turkey leftovers are in the fridge, the house seems to get transformed. My wife and now my daughters, collect candles all throughout the year. And once we flip the page on Black Friday, the Christmas decorating begins. I learned the hard way just where all the candle wax that gets burned ends up. It ends up getting pulled to the HVAC return where it immediately begins to glaze over the HVAC air filter. If I don’t change the air filters on a weekly basis when it’s candle season, I will have smothered HVAC equipment on my hands. Hence, the case of HVAC air filters that get picked up the very first day of Thanksgiving week.


air conditioning company

Really isn’t too tough to save big on HVAC cooling this summer

I will have to say that one of my few household projects has been a complete success.

That’s not a sentence that usually applies to me and projects. Handyman I’m not for sure. When it comes to fixing things or building stuff, I’m just not much good in that department. Normally, I have qualified professionals take care of stuff around the house. When it comes to the HVAC equipment, I call the HVAC professionals. Just as when we decided to add a deck outside, I called a contractor. In my mind, I could totally build a deck. Watching the instructional videos online demonstrate a level of construction that I could handle. It’s very straightforward and doable for most any homeowner. Yet I know that I would simply forget steps in the process and end up botching the whole thing. So I just don’t mess with it. However, I tried my hand at improving the HVAC equipment efficiency and it has totally worked out. First, I went online to the HVAC company website and just followed there checklist step by step. First of course, I got the normal air conditioning tune up which helps the HVAC unit run at its most efficient. Then, I went about sealing up the house by caulking all the gaps along the exterior of the house. Afterward, I really sealed things up by replacing the weather stripping on all doors, sliders and windows where it was present. New solar curtains were a big help as they were able to stop the direct sunlight heating. Finally, I figured out how to program the digital thermostat so I’m not overcooling the house during the peak heating hours of the day.


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Too hot to even imagine having no air conditioning

So we are to the halfway point of the summer.

It’s August, it’s hot and steamy for sure but, we’re halfway there.

In this part of the country, four months of blazing summer heat are the cost of having the best weather the rest of the year. Literally, from October through May, this is the place to be as far as I’m concerned. I can’t get enough of those 8 months of perfect temps, blue skies and heaps of sunshine. Even the winter works for me and I’m not a cold weather guy at all. That has something to do with why I live here. Growing up in the north, I hated being trapped inside so much with the HVAC heating keeping us warm. So when I had the chance, just out of college, to move south and leave that gas furnace behind, I did it. And I’ve never looked back or regretted my decision for a second. However, when August rolls around each year, it’s definitely a bit of a test. Thankfully, I can rely on great HVAC cooling. I have new residential HVAC with a heat pump that has a very high SEER rating. That means I get about the best HVAC efficiency there is. That helps me keeps the cost of all this air conditioning manageable. Still, I just get so beat down by this point in the summer. The worst is in front of me after just enduring two long months of high heat and humidity. Yet, I know that cooler days and night are coming. It won’t be too long before I can sit outside in the sunshine and eat lunch. Til then, I’ll just be thankful to have the best HVAC cooling that keeps my house comfortable and dry.

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