I thought I could repair my HVAC, but I ended up going for a replacement

When I had an HVAC professional out to my place recommending what I would do with my broken down heating system, he started talking about getting a replacement heating system. He had to explain to me carefully that my HVAC system was pretty old and I really should have been saving up for a replacement. He started talking about all kinds of systems I could go for like dual-fuel heating systems, boilers, geothermal heat pumps, and more. When he got around to zoned HVAC systems, I had to stop him to ask him what he was talking about. He explained that zoned HVAC systems would provide me with the ability to have customized temperature control settings in different areas of the house. I had to think about it for a minute for my mind to grasp this concept. He explained that there were zoning options for ductless and ducted systems alike, but he recommended the ductless HVAC systems since they are more energy saving. I honestly never would have dreamed of having a zoned HVAC system because I knew nothing about it, but I ended up going for a ductless multi-split system which is amazing! I love working in my office now because I can actually crank the AC to my desired settings and I’m still saving money on the energy bills! I also love being able to adjust the AC just right in my bedroom so it makes it entirely easier to sleep during the night. Before, I was using a window AC unit in my room, but now that window AC unit is in my attic in case I need backup cooling sometime in the future.

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