Bike ride workout

When my husband and I sold our house up north and moved south, I was excited for the better weather.

  • In our new area, nearly every single day is warm and sunny.

I am delighted that I can workout outdoors year round. I immediately purchased a bicycle. I added a basket that allows me to carry things, a mount for a water bottle and a holster for my phone. I have a cordless speaker that straps to the handles and allows me to listen to music while I ride. Riding my bike is my favorite type of workout. It’s not only great exercise and burns a tremendous amount of calories but avoids damaging impact on my joints. I can easily elevate the intensity of the workout by shifting gears, pedaling faster and choosing a route with hills. I normally utilize the bike path that is located in very close proximity to my house. The path is paved, doesn’t allow motorized vehicles and extends over sixty miles in either direction. It winds through the woods, providing a lovely view of native foliage. I frequently spot different types of birds, squirrels, turtles and even snakes along the path. I like to ride twenty minutes to reach an athletic field. I then have access to sidewalks, shaded areas and well-maintained grass. I can carry a jump rope, hand weights or resistance bands in my bike basket. I spent about 40 minutes working out at the field. I stretch, run wind sprints and go through abdominal crunches, push-ups and lunges. I then climb back on my bike and enjoy the ride home.

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Injury trapezius muscle

I keep myself physically fit.

  • I exercise every single day.

My workouts include weight lifting, abdominal crunches, jumps, stretches and all different types of movements. I focus on strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Because of this, I tend to push my body further than I should. I tackle home improvement tasks that can be physically challenging. Last summer, I decided to remodel the guest bedroom. There was a leak in the roof at one point that had caused water stains on the ceiling and walls. I was a little concerned about mold growth. I tore down the old drywall, replaced some of the electrical wiring and insulated. I planned to install new drywall, light fixtures and tile flooring. During the process of installing the drywall on the ceiling, I hurt myself. Although I realized that the sheets of drywall were extremely heavy and cumbersome, I didn’t think I needed to ask for help. I assumed that because of my workouts, I could manage the strain on my muscles. Unfortunately, I tore my trapezius muscle on the upper left side of my back. Within a few hours, the pain was so severe that I couldn’t stand up, sit up or walk. I could only lie flat on my back. Sleeping at night was nearly impossible. The swelling was awful, and I needed to ice the muscle continually. I missed work, found it nearly impossible to sleep at night and couldn’t even wash my own hair. I was flat on the couch for three straight weeks. There was no hope of exercising. When I finally started to workout again, I started by pedaling the stationary bike with no resistance and very slowly.

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No temperature control in home gym

I am very fortunate to have a lanai constructed on the back of my house.

The space extends the full width of the house and includes a cement floor and eight-foot ceiling.

One wall of the lanai is entirely built of screens that bring in a steady supply of fresh air. The lanai provides an ideal workout area. My friends and family always want to know why I don’t set up any patio furniture in the lanai. This is because I like to keep it clear for my training sessions. I have a yoga mat, jump rope, free weights, incline bench and mini trampoline that I utilize. I have sufficient square footage to go through lunges, squats, burpees, jumping jacks and a wide variety of beneficial exercises. The only drawback of my home gym is that it’s not temperature controlled. Because of the screens, there is no way to implement heating or cooling. For the majority of the year, it’s not a problem. The weather in my local area is typically warm and sunny. I appreciate the access to fresh air and the view of my backyard. There are about six to eight weeks during the winter when the temperature can drop down into the forties. I plug in an electric space heater, but it doesn’t help that much. Bundling up in layers of clothes makes it difficult to move around. I find it nearly impossible to get warmed up and worry about injury. I have the opposite complaints for a couple of months during the peak of summer. The temperature climbs up into the nineties or even triple digits, and the humidity is brutal. I get up as early as possible in order to complete my workout before the day heats up. I plug in a box and stand directly in front of it. I am usually drenched with sweat before I complete my warmup. It’s a challenge to get motivated and push myself.

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Working out with a buddy

Because of the considerable commute to the gym, my friend Amy and I decided to join together. We figured it would be helpful to carpool. We also hoped that having a schedule would make us both more accountable. Neither one of us would be as likely to skip a workout if we were meeting up. I thought we were both signing up at the gym to take advantage of the variety of state-of-the-art equipment and to improve our level of fitness. I was determined to drop some weight, tone my muscles and elevate my health. After our first session at the gym, I realized that Amy has very different goals than I do. She was more interested in the tanning beds and signing up for a massage rather than the fitness equipment. She was ready to leave after thirty minutes. I wanted to spend at least an hour at the gym. I ran on the treadmill for thirty minutes and then headed to the stationary bikes. I looked forward to lifting some weights, trying out the rock climbing wall and messing around with the battle ropes. Amy ended up walking on the treadmill for a little while. She did not get sweaty enough to require a shower. I was completely drenched in sweat. I also learned that Amy would like to visit the gym once or twice per week. Since I prefer to workout at the gym a minimum of four days, I now go several times without her. I enjoy those sessions the best. I can spend as long as I want and really push myself to build stamina and strength. I’m also considering signing up for a group fitness class on the weekend. I feel guilty for not mentioning it to Amy, but I don’t think she would enjoy it.

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I love my gym membership

I’ve been a member at the local gym for nearly fifteen years.

I was one of the first people to sign up when they opened.

Since then, the membership fees have increased by quite a bit. I don’t complain about the expense, because there have also been many improvements made to the facility. There are always new machines and amenities showing up. Just recently, they added a keyless security system that allows members to use the gym 24/7. I love this opportunity. I often work very strange hours. I might head into the office at 6 AM or stay at my desk until 9 PM. It’s extremely convenient to have access to the gym on my way to and from work, no matter what time it is. Plus, at those odd times of day or night, I usually have the entire place to myself. I really appreciate the wide array of equipment available. There is a row of at least twenty different styles of treadmills. There are various types of stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines and stair climbers. Along with the aerobic-style equipment, there is a nearly endless selection of weight training machines. I can focus on shoulders, back, abdominals, biceps, triceps, outer cheetahs, inner thighs, glutes and so much more. The machines are easy to adjust to accommodate my size and the level of weight I’m comfortable with. Along with the standard inventory, the gym includes some more unusual opportunities, such as a rock climbing wall, battle ropes, heavy bags, speed bags, parallettes and rings. I appreciate the group fitness classes offered at all different days of the week and times of day. I can sign up for spin classes, HIIT, yoga or pilates. I can even take advantage of tanning, massage and nutritional counseling


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Getting older and suffering leg cramps at night

I recently turned 56 years old.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed some changes in my body.

I have always been dedicated to my level of health and fitness. I’ve been a vegetarian for around twenty years, and I workout for an hour every morning. Because of my commitment to healthy foods and regular exercise, I’ve maintained a good weight and avoided major health problems. My workout sessions combine a warmup, stretching, strength training and a variety of high impact aerobics. I devote a significant portion of the workout to the exercises that elevate heart rate, get my lungs pumping and burn the most calories. I like to run, bike and jump rope. I do lots of lunges, squats and jumps. While I am pleased with my stamina, I’ve seen my strength and flexibility diminish a bit. I have more aches and pains after a strenuous workout than I used to. During the last year, I’ve begun having issues with cramping in my calves. The muscles feel slightly sore throughout the day and become a real problem at night. I’m unable to sleep due to the severe pain. I’ve tried ice packs as well as massaging pain relieving cream into my calves. I often take two Advils before attempting to sleep. I know that it would probably help to rest my legs, but I’m unwilling to quit working out. I’ve researched my symptoms and learned that drinking more water, taking turmeric and magnesium tablets and stretching the muscles offers benefits. I now carry a water bottle around with me at all times. I’ve purchased bottles of turmeric and magnesium. I also spend more time on stretching my legs during my workouts.

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Buying an elliptical

My location makes it just about impossible to maintain a gym membership.

I’d need to drive for approximately 45 minutes to reach the nearest facility. I don’t have that kind of time. By necessity, I’ve set up a home gym. I started with very little equipment. Initially, I had a yoga mat and a set of hand weights. I was amazed by the cost of exercise gear. Since I refuse to buy poor quality products, it has taken me a while to build my collection. I have slowly added jump ropes, medicine balls, weighted poles, kettlebells, an incline bench and a mini trampoline. Each of these items helped to improve my workouts and keep me motivated. I don’t have unlimited funds or space in my home gym, so I’ve needed to be particular about what I buy. I recently saved up to invest into a larger piece of equipment. Before spending the money, I devoted a lot of time to research. I looked into all different types, makes and models of fitness machines. I thought I might want a treadmill but decided against anything that created a harsh impact on my joints. I considered a stationary bike but realized I’d rather ride my actual bicycle outside. I ultimately chose an elliptical. The elliptical is fairly compact and is one of the few options that works both hands and legs. I can easily increase intensity, and because the feet don’t lift off the pedals, there is no jarring impact. The quiet operation allows me to use the elliptical without disturbing the rest of the house.



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I love to run

One of my favorite ways to workout is to run. I like the simplicity of it. Running doesn’t require a bunch of specialized gear. I can go for a jog whether I’m at home, on vacation or traveling for work. I can run on a treadmill, on the track at the athletic field, through town or follow a path through the woods. It’s very easy to tailor the workout to my level of motivation and goals. There are times when I target endurance. I find a comfortable pace and run for ten to twelve miles. At other times, I focus on getting out of breath, my heart beating and my lungs working. I shorten up the run to three or four miles and significantly increase my speed. I like to attempt to beat my personal best for times and distances. I’ve learned the importance of proper footwear. When I first got interested in running, I wore a pair of flimsy sneakers that lacked arch support and proper tread on the bottom. It didn’t take long before I started suffering from pain in my feet, ankles, knees and hips. Investing into a pair of shoes designed for running solved that problem. I keep two pairs of running shoes and alternate between them. This allows the shoe to regain its shape between runs. I replace the shoes a minimum of every year. I’ve also purchased specialized clothing to combat the different weather conditions. I have jackets and pants that hold in the heat when it’s cold out. I have waterproof gear so I can run in the rain and clothing made out of fabric that wicks away moisture in the heat and humidity. I am conscientious about thoroughly warming up, cooling down and drinking plenty of water.


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Flushing Your Washing Machine

Flushing your washing machine is important appliance maintenance.

As well as extending the life of your equipment, regular cleaning ensures that your clothes look and smell good and come out of the washer stain-free.

You should flush your washing machine approximately every 30 days, whether you wash clothes every day or only once or twice a week. Your washing machine is designed to remove tough stains and odors from clothes, but it can actually get pretty dirty. Soap residues, fabric softener buildups, and fabrics that get washed in there cause this. Taking the time to clean your washing machine out will help it run more efficiently, even if you don’t flush it often. If your washing machine is under warranty, you should clean it regularly. You may void your warranty if you fail to perform regular maintenance on your machine, such as cleaning and other tasks. Be sure to read the owner’s manual thoroughly for instructions on how to clean and maintain the machine, as well as service schedules. Regularly flushing your washing machine has an environmental benefit as well. If you’re environmentally conscious, you might run your washing machine at a lower temperature and use less water. When you wash smaller loads but use a lot of fabric softener or detergent, your washing machine has a harder time flushing residues. Many liquid and powder detergents are also inhibited by cold water washes. Whenever you open your washing machine, you’ll be greeted by foul, pungent smells. A simple flush may not solve your problems. You could save yourself the trouble of replacing the entire unit by having a licensed repair technician determine the underlying cause of these odors. You also want to call for professional help if your washer has recently been flushed but is leaving your clothes looking stained or otherwise worse for the wear after use.
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Residential window film maintenance isn’t as hard as I thought.

After having my sun control decorative window film installed, I could finally enjoy sitting in my living room.

The heat of the sun no longer made our room unbearable, and it wasn’t ruining the upholstery of our furniture.

The rain cleaned the outside of the window, but I was worried about taking care of the window film. The man who did the installation, put it on the inside of the windows, and it needed cleaned. I thought about using a light cloth with soap and water, but I was afraid it would make it lose its cling and I would have a mess. I called the company who installed our presidential window film and ask about the maintenance. He asked me to please hold on a minute while he got our information. Once the gentleman came back on the phone, he told me our film had replaced on the inside of the window, so we could clean the outside of the window as usual. I could wipe the window film clean with a dampened cloth. Smudges and dirt only needed a little spritz and some wiping. He said there was no need to worry about the window film lifting. Should there be a problem, we were still under our warranty and they would come to the house and repair for us. He truly put my mind at ease. I can do the window film maintenance and have little worries if I ‌use too much water, or get aggressive with my cleaning. My residential window film maintenance was a breeze, and my room was still cool and beautiful.