(4) I just wanted to relax on the porch with perfect comfort

Not so long ago, I decided to relax on the enclosed porch, take in the nature that surrounds the house, and write some poetry.

I realized that nature was truly inspiring, especially on the days where there would be rainstorms and I was able to enjoy writing with an actual roof over my head.

Eventually though, I realized that my enclosed porch needed something more. I was only able to enjoy resting on the porch when it wasn’t too hot and humid or when it wasn’t absolutely freezing outside. So I decided I needed to have some sort of HVAC system installed, but I wasn’t quite sure what to go for. I finally decided to call up a local contractor and I was able to consult with a professional. He said that my enclosed porch could use a little more insulation, but he said with a good ductless mini split air conditioner, I would certainly find comfort inside year round. I was confused because he was talking about an air conditioner, but I didn’t see how a cooling machine was going to keep me comfortable in the winter months. He laughed and explained the ductless mini split air conditioner also has heating capability. This threw me for a loop and I wanted to learn more. He told me all about it and how I could even have zones installed throughout my house. I was so fascinated with it all, I decided to have the ductless mini split installed throughout my whole house with many different zones, including my enclosed porch. Now I relax on the porch all the time, year round with perfect comfort just like the expert said!


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