Really isn’t too tough to save big on HVAC cooling this summer

I will have to say that one of my few household projects has been a complete success.

That’s not a sentence that usually applies to me and projects. Handyman I’m not for sure. When it comes to fixing things or building stuff, I’m just not much good in that department. Normally, I have qualified professionals take care of stuff around the house. When it comes to the HVAC equipment, I call the HVAC professionals. Just as when we decided to add a deck outside, I called a contractor. In my mind, I could totally build a deck. Watching the instructional videos online demonstrate a level of construction that I could handle. It’s very straightforward and doable for most any homeowner. Yet I know that I would simply forget steps in the process and end up botching the whole thing. So I just don’t mess with it. However, I tried my hand at improving the HVAC equipment efficiency and it has totally worked out. First, I went online to the HVAC company website and just followed there checklist step by step. First of course, I got the normal air conditioning tune up which helps the HVAC unit run at its most efficient. Then, I went about sealing up the house by caulking all the gaps along the exterior of the house. Afterward, I really sealed things up by replacing the weather stripping on all doors, sliders and windows where it was present. New solar curtains were a big help as they were able to stop the direct sunlight heating. Finally, I figured out how to program the digital thermostat so I’m not overcooling the house during the peak heating hours of the day.


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