The new air conditioner installation wasn’t a bad price

For a long time ever since I bought my home, I have been using window AC units.

I remember when I first got a quote from a local contractor to see how much it would cost to have central AC equipment installed.

The cost was way too costly for me and so I decided to go for a seemingly cheaper option. So I went to a local HVAC supplier and started checking out all the window AC unit options. I looked at a few other things too like wall air conditioners and portable AC devices. At the time when making this important decision for my cooling comfort at home, I thought the window AC units would be the easiest to have installed and that’s why I purchased a bunch of those. The window AC units seemed nice for a little while, but I honestly grew tired of having to remove them from the windows at the end of the fall and then I would have to reinstall them in the spring season. On top of that, my energy bills were not very low when using too many window AC units at any given time, especially on the overheated days. Sometimes I would have no choice but to run most of the window AC units, also in the children’s bedrooms. More recently, I finally was able to do something that made sense. I decided to have our local contractor install a ductless mini-split air conditioner with multiple zones. I never even knew about these systems until a buddy told me about them. I was happy to learn our local contractor could handle the installation, and the price wasn’t too bad!

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