Found the best sort of HVAC while on the road

For the past nearly two decades, I’ve had to travel a lot for business.

In fact, that’s a big part of my job. Going out to be the face of the company is part of my job description. So whether I’m implementing services, closing deals or addressing challenges, I’m out traveling a lot. But when the pandemic arrived, that changed just about everything. Instead of hopping on a plane to endure not such great air conditioning during my flight, I was grounded. Not only was I grounded but I also couldn’t work inside the zone controlled HVAC comfort of the offices. We were all sent home to work from our own air conditioning. While that wasn’t so bad when it came to the work I normally did inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I still had to get to customers. Initially, I tried to do that online with meetings or I’d hold a conference call. Yet, I could tell that this wasn’t getting it done from the customer standpoint. So that led me to packing up the car, hitting the air conditioning and spending all summer of 2020 on the road. I just spent a lot of time out on the interstate crisscrossing my territory. It ended up being just the thing to do as we didn’t lose one of our valued clients. I was able to get to them in a safe way and always masked up and all that. But I also found that I enjoyed the lodging along the interstate far better than the fancy downtown hotels. For one, those interstate hotels have the most reliable and consistent HVAC cooling of any place I’ve ever stayed.
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