Holiday season means more HVAC air filters

Marrying my wife has probably been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

She just opened me up to a lot of joy and beauty I otherwise would be missing. Plus, she’s my best friend and partner in all things. It’s so nice to know that someone is forever in your corner. So when holiday season rolls around, I make sure I’m prepared for her needs by getting a full case of HVAC air filters. Sort of sounds weird that my wife’s holiday needs include a full case of HVAC air filters. But when Thanksgiving week comes around, that’s my que to head to the home improvement store for air filters. The reason for that is that my wife had the most unusual holiday tradition. She fills the house with candles as part of her holiday decorations. And as soon as the turkey leftovers are in the fridge, the house seems to get transformed. My wife and now my daughters, collect candles all throughout the year. And once we flip the page on Black Friday, the Christmas decorating begins. I learned the hard way just where all the candle wax that gets burned ends up. It ends up getting pulled to the HVAC return where it immediately begins to glaze over the HVAC air filter. If I don’t change the air filters on a weekly basis when it’s candle season, I will have smothered HVAC equipment on my hands. Hence, the case of HVAC air filters that get picked up the very first day of Thanksgiving week.


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