Too hot to even imagine having no air conditioning

So we are to the halfway point of the summer.

It’s August, it’s hot and steamy for sure but, we’re halfway there.

In this part of the country, four months of blazing summer heat are the cost of having the best weather the rest of the year. Literally, from October through May, this is the place to be as far as I’m concerned. I can’t get enough of those 8 months of perfect temps, blue skies and heaps of sunshine. Even the winter works for me and I’m not a cold weather guy at all. That has something to do with why I live here. Growing up in the north, I hated being trapped inside so much with the HVAC heating keeping us warm. So when I had the chance, just out of college, to move south and leave that gas furnace behind, I did it. And I’ve never looked back or regretted my decision for a second. However, when August rolls around each year, it’s definitely a bit of a test. Thankfully, I can rely on great HVAC cooling. I have new residential HVAC with a heat pump that has a very high SEER rating. That means I get about the best HVAC efficiency there is. That helps me keeps the cost of all this air conditioning manageable. Still, I just get so beat down by this point in the summer. The worst is in front of me after just enduring two long months of high heat and humidity. Yet, I know that cooler days and night are coming. It won’t be too long before I can sit outside in the sunshine and eat lunch. Til then, I’ll just be thankful to have the best HVAC cooling that keeps my house comfortable and dry.

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