Dehumidifier is a necessary addition

I live far enough south that the heat is just about a year round issue.

There is no need for any type of heating system because the temperature never drops below fifty degrees.

A central air conditioner is essential because the temperature often climbs into the triple digits. Fortunately, technology has improved the efficiency and capacity of modern air conditioners. These advanced systems are able to automatically adjust speed to meet changing demands. The ability to operate at lower speeds for longer cycles uses less energy and maintains more consistent indoor temperature. The extended run times are also better at combating excess humidity. However, air conditioners aren’t designed to handle moisture. The system pulls heat out of the air to create a cooling effect. A dedicated dehumidifier is necessary to extract moisture. If there’s high levels of moisture in the air, it feels warmer and sticky. An abundance of humidity causes discomfort and fatigue. It creates the ideal environment for bacteria, dust mites, mold, mildew and all sorts of harmful contaminants. It can cause wood furnishings to swell and warp and be blamed for headaches, sore throats, congestion, sneezing and coughing. Whole-house dehumidifiers treat the air as it passes through the air conditioner, extracting moisture. With humidity levels maintained within the idea range, I’m able to set a higher thermostat setting. The cooing unit doesn’t need to work as hard and my energy bills are much lower. The house is far more comfortable. The dehumidifier wasn’t overly expensive, operates efficiently and makes very little noise. I only need to worry about maintenance once per year. I have it serviced at the same time as the air conditioner in the late spring.


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Considering a smart thermostat

My current thermostat was already installed when we bought our house eight years ago.

  • I am fairly certain that the thermostat is way older than I am.

It is a plastic model with a dial that needs to be manually adjusted. It allows us to raise and lower the temperature of the house. That is its only function and the device isn’t overly precise. It’s also rather ugly. I recently read an article that was talking about all the recent innovations in the thermostat technology. There are now programmable, wifi and smart thermostats on the market that offer all sorts of conveniences. According to that article, I could significantly trim my monthly bills by upgrading my thermostat. I started researching the different models available. I was a bit shocked by the prices. While a thermostat used to cost around ten dollars, the current technology is several hundred dollars. It used to be very simple to install a thermostat. I could manage the job in ten minutes. I wouldn’t’ dare attempt to install one of these sophisticated devices. I’m worried that I’ll never figure out how to use the thing. The reviews I read indicated that the majority of models are quite user-friendly. However, there were complaints of people having trouble accessing all of the many features. I am amazed by the many options today’s thermostats offer. There are models that keep track of adjustments for the first week after installation. The device learns the family’s normal patterns and creates a program to suit it. Some thermostats feature something called geofencing that knows the location of every family member’s smartphone. When the phones are within or outside of a certain radius, the thermostat automatically adjusts settings to provide ideal comfort or conserve energy.


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My sister needs a new boyfriend

I know my sister thinks she is happy with her new man, but I think the guy is a total jerk.

  • He doesn’t let my sister hang out with friends and he barely lets her come see me.

My sister said he is just being protective, but I think he is being jealous and obsessive. Last week, the guy went berserk when he found out that my sister turned up the thermostat during the day. I guess they agreed to keep the heat set to 68, but my sister was cold so she turned up the heat to 70. James came home from work and saw the temperature on the thermostat and proceeded to have a mental breakdown. My sister called me crying because she said James yelled and screamed for an hour when he found the temp on 70. I told my sister that was a silly reason to yell and scream for an hour, but she dismissed the behavior and made an excuse for his bad anger problems. I know the temperature on the thermostat is no big deal, but this is just part of a pattern of behavior that is going to keep getting worse. The guy is a ticking time bomb ready to blow at any minute. I wish my mom would talk to my sister about the guy, but she doesn’t want to get involved. I don’t mind stepping over the boundaries, because I really think my sister is in trouble. She doesn’t recognize the warning signs of an abusive relationship, but I work with battered women all day. This guy is a textbook example of someone with anger issues waiting to boil over.



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The neighbor and his wife are fighting again

I can always tell when the neighbor and his wife are fighting, because the guy usually sleeps in the backyard.

It’s a really nice backyard with a gazebo and a sofa.

Honestly, it’s probably a lot nicer than most of the local hotels. I thought I heard them yelling and screaming last night, but I was trying not to be a nosy neighbor. It was pretty late when I heard the commotion. I looked at the clock and I think it said 3:23am. I immediately went back to sleep and I didn’t hear the sound again. When I woke up in the morning, it was really cold in the house. I knew the heat was off, because I could see my breath in the air. I had to put on two pairs of socks and a pair of slippers before I left the bedroom. I went to the thermostat first. I knew it was cold. The temperature reading was 52 degrees, even though the heat was set much higher. I toggled the switch for heat and cool, but nothing helped the problem. I called the heating company to get someone to help me. About three hours later, someone arrived at my place. The guy checked the furnace for lots of different problems. He asked me if I heard any strange sounds coming from the furnace and I started to think about the commotion that I thought was my neighbors. I really thought they were arguing, but the strange sound must have been when the furnace abruptly stopped working. The repair fees were significant and the damage was serious.

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I don't think the deal was very fair

I tried to stay calm and I didn’t ask a lot of questions

When my boss hired his son to work with us, I knew he was going to get all of the good jobs. I knew the guy was going to play favorites. It’s really hard not to favor someone when the person is your first born son. A few of my coworkers and I talked about saying something to the boss after one huge incident took place. A month or two ago, I was scheduled to work downtown at the bank. They were having some new HVAC sensors installed in the vault and the deposit room. I’m always the guy that installs new sensors and handles the building management systems jobs. I spent three weeks in a seminar learning everything I could about BMS products like HVAC and lighting options. I was getting ready to leave the office to head to the bank, when the boss pulled me aside and told me that Chad was going to work on the bank job that day. He told me to assist another coworker with a long and boring HVAC installation job at the grocery store. I thought the guy was joking, so I brushed him off and walked away. He grabbed my arm and told me that he was serious. I tried to stay calm and I didn’t ask a lot of questions. The anger and frustration grew inside me all day and I was ready to burst by three. I marched right into the bosses office and demanded an explanation for taking me off the bank job. The guy’s only reply was to tell me that he makes the schedule and I work for him.
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The fireplace needed to be cleaned

If the fireplace is dirty, smoke and fumes can build up inside of your home and make people sick.

The soot and smoke can also harm surfaces in your home and cause irreparable damage.

Your fireplace should be cleaned every season if you plan to use it frequently. My wife and I learned about proper fireplace care after a huge mishap occurred in our new home. We never owned a house with a fireplace and we didn’t realize that the chimney needed to be cleaned. In our second cold season, we started a fire early in the morning. I went to take a shower once the fire was burning. I wanted the house to be warm and cozy when I got out. Halfway through my shower I began to realize that smoke was filling the bathroom. I thought the house was on fire, so I contacted the fire department. I put on a robe and ran out of the house. The Fire Department chief told me that all of the smoke was due to a clogged chimney. The smoke couldn’t exit the house and it was backing up into all of the rooms. It was an easy problem to fix, but there was smoke all over the walls. We had to wash the walls and repaint everything in the dining room and the kitchen. It took an entire week to clean up all of the mess from that mistake. We certainly never forgot to clean the fireplace again. Once we realized the importance of that chore, it was on the tip of our list every winter.

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Turn off the heat!

I can’t believe I am saying this, but last year, I had to tell my parents it was time to turn off the heat.

  • It was early June and I walked into the house and walked right back out.

I couldn’t believe what had hit me. I could hear the heat going through the water pipes. I checked the thermostat when I walked back into the house. They had the thermostat set at seventy-five, and it was still set for the furnace. I asked my mom when was the last time she had been outside. She smiled and told me that my dad had been sick. They hadn’t been outside in almost a month. He wasn’t handling the temperature changes very well. I told her that it was almost summer and maybe he needed to get outside. When dad came out of the bedroom, I realized just how sick he had been. I began to wonder how long it had been since I had been home, and why hadn’t they told me how sick he was. My dad looked much older than the fifty years old he was. My dad had always been strong, but he wobbled when he hugged me. I went into the bedroom and grabbed his jacket and asked him to go for a walk with me. When mom handed him his cane, he smiled. We had only gone half a block when I saw that his lips were blue and he couldn’t breathe. We went back to the house where he went to his room. Mom said they had the thermostat turned up in the bedroom. I walked in and there he lay with a heavy blanket over him and his oxygen. I knew I had to get home more often.

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Can you believe the way they were staring at us?

I know that sometimes you see something that catches your attention. It can be hard to look away, no matter how hard you try. I had always thought that the Northern summer would be just like ours. We lived where it was winter when the Northeast US was in the summer. I expected it to be warm, but I was shocked when we got there. Our normal daytime temperature was over 100 degrees during the summer. These people were walking around, acting like it was hot, and it was only in the low eighties. I almost shivered. It wasn’t much different than a mild winter for us, and we didn’t have heaters to keep us warm. When we got there, the difference was like night and day. One afternoon it was mildly cool according to their weather report. Not only were the people looking at us oddly when we talked to them, but they were looking at our sweaters. I guess no one wore sweaters up north. At least I wasn’t asking for them to turn on the heat, but I was wishing they would turn off some of the air conditioning. That was the reason my mates and I were wearing sweaters. Every place we went, the air conditioning was set so low, that we were shivering. After being out and about for a while, we would head back to our motel. We were able to set our own temperature, thanks to the convenient thermostat in every room. We had the air conditioning off most of the time, just so we could get warm. Next time, we’ll have to wait and head up here when they have the heating turned on instead of the air conditioning.

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We were considering a destination wedding

My fiance and I had been planning our wedding for almost a year.

We had tentatively put a destination wedding into our plans.

The only thing we had to decide was where the destination was going to be. We had considered heading south, but neither of us really wanted to travel that far. We then thought how nice it would be to head west. We had never been to the big island and neither had our family. We made our plans and called the travel agency. They were able to book us a cruise that took us to our destination, the hotel and wedding package, for a reasonable price. We had a count of about thirty people, but by the time my mom was done, the count was fifty. Some of our older family members liked the idea of heading to where they could get out of the cold of winter. We had to plan a flight for them to come west from where they lived in the Northeast. My grandparents thought about the cold winter and how it would be nice to get away. My grandpa, always the worrier, worried about leaving the house unattended. He was afraid the furnace would go out and freeze his pipes. Grandma had to get someone to house sit, so they could make sure the furnace worked while they were gone. Grandpa worried the airplane would have poor air quality, how hot it would be in the islands, and if they had good air conditioning. He also wanted to be close to the beach. I think Grandpa was just a worrier, but his fears were real when it came to having the HVAC system quit working..


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I’m looking for the perfect Christmas destination.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had a horrible break up with my boyfriend. As a result, I was left to spend Christmas alone. I wanted to find the perfect destination for my Christmas vacation. Living in the south, doesn’t give you much opportunity to go skiing. To be honest, you don’t have any opportunity to snow ski, unless you head north. I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to head north and learn how to ski. My parents had been born and raised in the north and they were always talking about how they met at a ski resort in the Catskills. I landed to temperatures that were only in the twenties, and the sky was sunny. I took my taxi to the hotel where I had booked my stay, and my parents headed to see their family. The first thing I did was to ask the taxi driver if he would please turn up the heat. He eyed me oddly and told me the thermostat was already set to seventy. I told him I was freezing and he laughed. He told me I was in the wrong place if I thought this was cold. When I got to the ski lodge, I saw the huge fireplace in the middle of the lobby, and I gravitated there. I couldn’t believe I was seriously considering spending my entire vacation sitting in front of a fireplace. It was so deliciously warm. When I was told my room was ready, I reluctantly left the fireplace. The bellhop told me not to worry. They had excellent heating in the rooms and a personal fireplace. Who needs skiing when you have a fireplace?