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Ductwork cleaning is now and essential

I don’t really want to be that person. But I often am, at least inside the quality heating and air of our home. My husband knew I was a bit of clean freak when he married me so that’s on him. The kids just roll their eyes but they know that putting stuff away and […]

The heat pump does it all for us

I’m really glad to live right where I do. This is actually very close to where I was raised. But when I was a stupid kid, I just had no idea how great this place really was. I was always moaning about how hot it was. For sure, it gets sizzling from June through September […]

Going with the smart thermostat was well….smart

I’ve never been the sort of person who gets all caught up in the latest thing. It’s not so much that I’m some sort of traditionalist or anything like that. But especially when it comes to technology, I’m hesitant to jump on the bandwagon right away. So when the HVAC technology evolved to include smart […]

Sunroom gets some residential HVAC

When we moved down here, my wife was just crazy about being outside. Since we were no longer dealing with a winter that needs a gas furnace, she wanted to be outside. To that end, she also wanted us to get a place with a sunroom. A sunroom didn’t exactly make all the much sense […]