The gym takes me out of my comfort zone

I’m not good with change.

Any little upheaval throws me off.

My life has been devoted to avoiding arguments, confrontation and risk. What seemed like a peaceful way of life has resulted in me just being afraid of taking chances in life. Funny as it sounds, my gym membership is helping to make improvements for me. I’m no longer hiding and just getting by. I now have more confidence. I had asked one of my friends for some advice. I wanted to get out there and do something different. I hoped to get out of my comfort zone. She recommended that I go with her to the health and fitness center. That was scary for me. I am not athletic and uncomfortable going to new places. I don’t like being around a bunch of new people. That first visit to the gym was to take a group fitness training class. I was so intimidated. I realized that there are some really wonderful people in the group fitness training classes. They didn’t judge me at all. They were very encouraging and welcoming. Afterward, I took a tour of the gym. A certified fitness expert showed me all the amenities the gym had to offer. I was really encouraged to give it a try. I felt so good after that initial class. It was easy to go back and get my gym membership. I have now been a member at the gym for nearly a year. I take several group training classes per week and have made some wonderful friends.
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Getting healthy at the gym

I am able to accomplish things that would have defeated me before

I easily had no clue just how out of shape I had become. Then I ended up in the doctor’s office getting an IV. Exhaustion had caught up with. I had allowed my level of health and wellness to deteriorate. My doctor told me it was time for a wake up call. While I didn’t have any long term health issues, I had pushed my body to the limit. She strongly urged that I sign up at a health and fitness center as soon as possible. I had been told to prioritize my health and wellness before. I never felt there was room in my schedule for exercise. There are always so many other pressing priorities in my life. I let them all take precedence over my health. I realized how ridiculous this was. That without my health, I wouldn’t be doing anything else. I’m now working with a personal trainer, getting nutritional counseling and taking yoga classes. I have gained a new perspective in life and it has been so beneficial. The change hasn’t been all that easy. It’s been difficult to make time and not give up when I’m sore and tired. After getting rushed to the hospital, however, I knew that I really had no choice. I want to stay active and live a long and healthy life. Working out regularly has changed how I look and feel. I have more energy during the day. I sleep better at night. I enjoy a happier mood and feel strong and fit. I have more confidence now. I am able to accomplish things that would have defeated me before. I also have less aches and pains and better balance and range of motion.

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Getting professional help

Living my best life is important to me.

  • I’ve made an effort to continue to learn and grow as a person over the years.

However, I haven’t always been conscientious about taking proper care of my body. I am trying to focus more on my health and wellness now. Thanks to the health and fitness center, I’m doing much better. I know a vital area of good health and mood is linked to being physically active. But to easily keep active takes a lot of work and dedication. That is how I got interested in signing up at the local health and fitness center. I had been attempting to handle my fitness on my own. I was going for runs and riding my bike, but these activities were sporadic at best. I have never been athletic and really had no idea how to best manage my physical fitness. I had never had a gym membership. I had never even been inside a local gym. I was embarrassed that I was in such terrible physical condition. I had to really work at it to convince myself to spend the money on a gym membership and actually use it. I needed to set some health and wellness goals and work toward them. I also needed to realize I couldn’t accomplish those goals by myself. I needed the assistance and support of a certified fitness expert. I told myself that it’s like anything else in life. It’s best to hire professionals. I don’t work on my own car. I go to the dentist for teeth cleaning. So why not pay a fitness professional to help get me in shape? It turned out to be a really great decision. The trainer is just wonderful to work with. She’s encouraging yet holds me accountable. She pushes me to work harder.


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Surprised by the gym

It had been a long time since I had stepped inside the local gym.

In fact, it had been many years since I last had paid for a gym membership.

Now, in my fifties, I was looking into getting some help with my health and fitness. My wife and I decided to take a look online at the various gym options in our local area. There was a cross fit gym that seemed a bit too intense for our liking. And then there was a health center that seemed way too clinical. So we chose a health and fitness center that was in close proximity to our home and also located conveniently on our way to and from work. When we stepped inside this health and fitness center to take a tour, it was like nothing we had ever seen before. I was expecting a bunch of machines, free weights and mirrors. This modern gym offered so much more. There was state-of-the-art equipment with interactive screens. The certified fitness experts were extremely friendly and eager to offer guidance. The personal trainer who took us on a tour explained all the amenities available to us. There is a yoga studio and all sorts of other group fitness training classes offered all different days and times of the week. Their locker rooms are fantastic and feature saunas and a steam room. Of course, there were plenty of free weights, a running track, battle ropes, resistance bands and all the latest fitness gear as well. But it was the nutritional counseling and private fitness coaching that really sold us on the place. After all these years, I am now maintaining a gym membership and really getting a lot out of it.

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The tips with being a maid are great

My sister-in-law started doing work for a dealer that offered maid services to the local hotel chains.

She absolutely loved the work, plus she shocked at how great her tips were.

She told me that since I didn’t have a job at that time, I should sign up to do work with the same maid service. She was so thrilled when I decided to go for it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this type of work for a maid service. I was an educated plus trained supplier supervisor. It wasn’t any fault of mine that the dealer shut down. I thought I would eventually get another job, however there weren’t a ton of people who were hoping to hire someone in their fifties. The people at the maid service didn’t seem to have any issues plus they helped me get started with the job. I ended up working nights at a really nice casino resort in our area. I could consistently tell when the people in the room had won a good amount of cash. When that happened, they left amazing tips. If they were just there for fun, I often didn’t get hardly any money at all. The maid service actually never asked if we received tips, they simply paid us a fair wage. I thought for sure I would be out of the supplier of being a maid fast enough. I had just passed a year doing work as a maid, plus I was still loving it substantially. I got to talk to a huge amount of lovely people plus my sister-in-law was right about the tips. They were better than I had thought.


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I enjoy working for the maid service

My sibling-in-law started working for a company that gave maid services to the local hotels.

She absolutely adored the work, plus she couldn’t even believe how excellent the tips were.

She told me that since I didn’t have a job at that time, I should sign up to do the same maid service work. She was so excited when I agreed to go to her company plus put in an application. I wasn’t even positive if I wanted to task for a maid service. I was an educated plus trained company director. It wasn’t my fault the company had to close their doors. I thought I would be able to locate another job in no time, however there weren’t a huge amount of people who wanted to hire somebody who was in their fifties. The people at the maid service actually seemed nice plus they helped me to learn ,u job. I ended up doing work at a large casino resort in our area. I could always tell when the people in the room had won immensely that night. They would leave me a good tip. If they were just there for good times, I commonly didn’t get anything. The maid service actually never asked us if we received tips, they just paid us a fair wage. I was thinking for sure I would be out of the whole business of working as a maid, within a year. I had passed my first year as a maid, plus I still loved it immensely. I was actually able to talk to a pretty good amount of nice people plus my sibling-in-law was correct about the tips. They were much better than I anticipated.

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Getting proactive about improving air quality

Because of the threat of the COVID virus, I was uneasy about the cleanliness as well as health of our home. I came to believe that I had to be more proactive. I started with the filters of the oil furnace as well as the cooling system. I assume that a lot of new contaminants are introduced into the breathing air by way of the heating as well as the cooling system. I thought I might minimize the indoor air pollution by purchasing higher quality air filters as well as replacing them more often. I found that the more overpriced air filters deliver a far higher MERV rating. This means that they feature much smaller holes as well as trap more dust, dander, as well as other particles. What I didn’t realize is that these tiny holes hastily become blocked with hair and debris. Once the filter is dirty, air can no longer pass through it. This creates a major problem for the oil furnace as well as cooling system, unless I wanted to change filters every other week, I needed to try a uncommon approach. I did some research as well as learned that the air filter in the system is designed to protect the oil furnace as well as the cooling system from contamination. The filter helps to keep the device washed as well as running far more efficiently. It doesn’t do much for air quality. As I learn further, I learned about the uncommon air quality products on the market. There are media air cleaners, air purification systems, and also germicidal UV lights, ventilators, humidifiers as well as dehumidifiers. The various air quality units incorporate into the central heating as well as cooling system to treat the air as it passes by. I chose an in-duct air purification system that uses positive as well as downside ions to disrupt the inner workings of pathogens as well as to cause particles to clump together as well as fall out of the air. The system runs silently, requires no maintenance as well as has been proven effective against certain strains of the coronavirus.

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High velocity heating as well as cooling for an older home

My home was built in the late eighteenth century as well as several of the features are original.

The people I was with and I still have the plaster walls as well as original ceilings, hardwood floors as well as a simply gorgeous fireplace. This home is giant as well as divided into a lot of smaller rooms. While our partner as well as I were drawn to the old world charm as well as the history of the residence, it has presented us with many challenges. When both of us moved in, there was no insulation in the walls as well as all of the old windows had been painted shut as well as leaked air. There was no centralized heating or cooling system. Without proper ductwork, both of us were forced to piece together uncommon types of portable electric heaters, plug in box fans as well as window cooling systems. The home was quite cold while in the Winter time as well as boiling as well as sticky all summer. I hated the look of all the heating as well as cooling equipment. I started looking into chances for temperature controls. I entirely didn’t want to tear down the walls as well as ceilings, deliver up tons of space or sacrifice the architectural integrity. I was hoping to find a compact as well as affordable system that would deliver both a whole-home heating as well as cooling on demand. I found high-velocity HVAC, as well as it has been the ideal solution. This type of system is particularly designed to accommodate the specialized needs of older homes. It uses all narrow and flexible mini-ducts that can be threaded through existing walls without causing disfigure. The air vents are only more than five inches in diameter as well as allow freedom of location. The device is small enough to fit easily into a closet or the attic. With the high velocity heating as well as cooling system, both of us can finally adjust the temperature throughout the whole home with a centralized temperature control unit.

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The snowmelt system is helpful

In the local area, the brutally cold Winter time weather lasts a long time.

It’s not correct for us to operate the home oil furnace for less than half the year.

I consistently turn up the temperature control in the early part of September, as well as there’s below cold hot as well as cold temperatures by October. The family and I usually have several inches of snow on the ground by Halloween. Along with brutally cold temps down to twenty-multiple below zero, the snow is a constant problem. The family and I get a lot of it. Shoveling is time-consuming, labor-intensive as well as unpleasant. It’s often vital to shovel the sidewalks as well as plow the driveway in the morning as well as again in the late afternoon. So much snow falls that it’s impossible to get in as well as out of the driveway. It can be a real struggle to get the mail or walk the dog. Plus, all that snow piles up as well as there’s nowhere to place it. Hiring someone to correctly plow or for snow removal is costly. The ideal solution is the snowmelt system. Installed beneath the pavement of the driveway, walkways as well as steps, a series of pipes are attached to a boiler system in the basement, however just savor the radiant flooring inside the house, sizzling water travels through these pipes as well as radiates heat across the surface. In the house, the radiant heat keeps every room perfectly warm as well as cozy. Outside, the radiant heating melts away snow as well as ice. The system is set to automatically beginning up in response to temp drops as well as moisture. The people I was with and I eliminate the big piles of snow as well as the need to shovel snow. There’s no worry over wet feet or slipping as well as falling on the ice.
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Duct sealing is quite necessary

As soon as I started up the old oil furnace last winter, I noticed some major issues.

There seemed to be way more dust as well as unpleasant smells coming out of the vents yet less heated air. As the outdoor temps dropped, I kept raising the temperature controls. The home felt cold, as well as the old oil furnace just couldn’t keep up, and certain rooms were especially cold. I should have called for maintenance right away, but that time of year is always hectic. By the middle of December, I was severely unhappy with the poor performance of the oil furnace as well as the cost of our utility bills. I finally scheduled professional services. The contractor looked over all components of the oil furnace as well as diagnosed the entire duct system. I hadn’t considered that the ductwork might be to blame for all of the problems. The tests revealed that approximately 25% of the heated air produced by the oil furnace was escaping through various small leaks as well as pinholes. Because the maximum amount of air wasn’t reaching the rooms in the house, the oil furnace was struggling to keep up the temperature control setting. The longer run times added to wear as well as tear as well as caused much higher heating bills. I wasn’t sure how this issue could be fixed. With the ductwork mostly hidden behind walls, ceilings as well as the crawlspace, I was worried the process would require some major renovations. Fortunately, there is a duct sealing process that works from the inside. Polymer adhesive particles get pumped into the ducts by way of highly pressurized air. As this air leaks from the holes, the particles cling onto the edges as well as gradually build up. The whole procedure takes a couple of hours, causes almost no destruction as well as leaves behind no residue or smell. It’s also perfectly safe as well as completely non-toxic. After it was complete, the contractor once again diagnosed the ducts to verify the final results.

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