Cold showers in the summer time heat

I remember when I was younger, our parents didn’t have much money, then even though they didn’t have much money, they did everything they could to give our siblings and I a good life, and right now, I have a romantic family and a secure task, so I would say they did a good task; But, there were some things I didn’t have back then, that I am making sure that our teenagers have now.

One of those was an a/c.

Every one of us once had an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit, however when it broke, our parents couldn’t afford an a/c upgrade fee. Because of this, summer time became a real issue, however in winter, all of us usually just wore sweaters and other warm clothes, however it’s a lot harder to cool off when you’re hot; This led to a lot of fighting between our siblings and I, as all of us would fight for things such as the shower, hose and kiddie pool, anything to stay cool. Believe it or not, those fights could get pretty brutal, as I had one of our teeth knocked out while attempting to race to the shower. But man, those chilly showers were paradise! Nowadays, I make sure our teenagers have available a/c 24/7. No, it wouldn’t kill them to experience a little or chilly every now and then, however based on our experiences of being separate from a heating and cooling system, I appreciate that they don’t, however my teenagers don’t realize how fortunate they are to have a working gas furnace and a/c machine, because otherwise they would easily be doing all of the same things our siblings and I once did.


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I passed the test and it is time for a job.

It is hard waiting for test results to arrive.

You work hard for months while learning all of the information on your given choice of careers. You work one-on-one with instructors, read all of the materials, and remember more facts than you thought your brain could contain. After a year and a half of studying and training, you finally get to take the test. I wanted to be an HVAC technician. I knew that if I didn’t pass the HVAC certification test this time, I was going to take the test preparation course a second time and pass it then. I waited the appropriate time before checking email and online, to see if I had passed. My mom was teasing me about how mail was considered snail mail and I should be a little more patient. I saw several people I had taken HVAC classes with over the last eighteen months, but not my name. I had a girlfriend now, and I knew that I wanted to share my life with her, but how could I take that step if I didn’t have a good job with an HVAC company. If I passed the test, I knew I had a job secured. The next day, I received my grades in the mail. I couldn’t even open the letter, so I gave it to my girlfriend. She looked disappointed when she read the letter. I asked her if I had even come into the bottom half with the grades. She shook her head and frowned. She said it wasn’t the grades I wanted. Then she laughed. The letter came directly from the instructor who owned an HVAC company. I had gotten the highest grades in the class and he wanted me to work for him.

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It was time to take the certification test.

I was surprised at how many different certification exams the state offered.

It was quite interesting, but the only certification exam I cared about was the HVAC certification. I wanted to be known as a certified HVAC technician. I knew the only way I was going to get a good job in a reputable HVAC company was if I passed the certification test. I worked hard and studied harder. I was never so glad to be able to befriend myself with a teacher, because he helped me to study. He also told me that if I passed the certification test, he would be able to help me get a job. I had a lot of doubts about whether I would be able to pass that test since I never did well when it came to testing. I was offered either taking the testing online, or taking the test in person. I chose to take the test in person. Once I started looking through the test book, I soon got my confidence back. I was sure I knew every answer to every question. I took my time reading every test question. I want to make sure I didn’t miss a single thing. I was afraid there had to be a trick in every question that would make me have to think. I was surprised when the questions were as straightforward as were the answers. I was now pretty certain that I had passed the HVAC certification and all I had to do was go home and wait for the results to come in the mail..


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He had to work hard in school.

He knew that now all he had to do was take his certification exam

After graduation from high school, my brother went right into the technical college. He wanted to be an HVAC technician, and he was anxious to start his career as soon as possible. Since he had been working since he was fifteen, but the newfound classes that were added to his schedule, were making work difficult. Mom and dad understood the necessity for him to go to school and get a good education. They knew that if you didn’t have some kind of career training, you wouldn’t be able to support yourself and a family later on in life. They still felt that he should give some importance to his work, as well as to his schooling. As much as he loved his job, he wanted to make school a priority. He kept his job, but he also knew that if his work interfered with his learning, he was going to quit regardless of what mom and dad had to say. If they tried to pack on extra hours that would interfere with her studies, or give her hours that were when she had to be in class, she said she just wouldn’t show up. It took nearly eighteen months until my brother graduated from HVAC technical school. He knew that now all he had to do was take his certification exam. He signed up for another course that would get him prepped for the HVAC certification exam. He knew that if he didn’t pass this exam, all of his hard work in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation at technical school would all be for naught.


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It was hard to make my decision.

Once I was out of high school, I wanted to head down to the technical college and enroll.

I wanted to find out when the first classes for the HVAC program began. I was shocked to find out that the HVAC program was very strict with the people they accepted. They wanted excellent grades and I definitely fit that criteria. I’m sure they wanted to get a student into the HVAC program that would be able to comprehend and maintain the information you were learning. I still wasn’t giving up on the idea of being a HVAC technician, so I wanted more information. I talked to a friend of mine whose dad was the owner of a HVAC company. I asked him if he had any idea how I could get into the local technical college and get into the HVAC program. He told me that he knew they had tightened up on the students they were accepting. He wanted to know if I had thought about any other course. I had to admit that I had, but I had always wanted to be a HVAC technician. I had already talked to the admissions office and they told me that I needed to have references. He knew me and he said he would gladly give me a reference that pertained to my interest in being an HVAC technician. He also suggested I go back to the high school and talk to some of my teachers about giving me a reference. I ended up getting a reference from the high school principal and also from the guidance counselor.

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My cousin wanted to go to school.

It seemed that everyone wanted to go to HVAC technical school

My cousin recently graduated from high school. Her parents had been pressuring about what she was going to do now that she wasn’t going to school, but she wasn’t sure. She thought about going back to school, but she had just got out of school after thirteen years. That was almost three quarters of her life and she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to add another four years to that. She had been working at a fast food store since she turned fifteen, but she knew that wasn’t going to be able to keep her going for the rest of her life. We were talking about what she was going to do and she told me she had been thinking about HVAC courses. She would only be going to school for about eighteen months and not four years. HVAC certification would also give her a career that would last for the rest of her life. I told her to go to the local college that offered the certification courses and get more information. I was surprised when she told me that for her to go to HVAC technical school, she would need excellent grades. It seemed that everyone wanted to go to HVAC technical school. She decided to put the idea of being a HVAC technician on the shelf and look at some other type of technical school. Her boyfriend was an electrician and he said he could put her on as an apprentice, but he had to talk to his dad. She also thought about plumbing, but I knew her heart had already been set on going to school for HVAC certification.

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I was dressed for the beach.

It’s funny how all of the great holidays are in the fall.

You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

All of these holidays climax at the end of the year with a huge celebration of a New Year and the hopes of a new and improved year. I love the holidays as much as anyone, but I love the fall season for other reasons. I choose to go on vacation during the fall. I head to the beach so I can walk along the shore and commune with Nature. There is something compelling, daunting from its vastness, and yet calming when looking out at the expanse of water. The water is way too cold to go swimming, but the hotels all have heated pools, so that isn’t the draw. I love waking up in the morning, throwing on my bulky sweater and jeans, and heading to the beach. I roll up my pants so I don’t get them wet, and just walk. I have a travel mug filled with hot coffee. It is bliss to be able to get out of the air conditioning of the hotel and out into the natural AC and air purification of the ocean. Even in the summer, the air is always cooler when at the beach. The natural air conditioning is probably the draw that everyone who vacations to the beach is searching for. From May to September, I stay in buildings so I have air conditioning, but then comes the fall. I can get outside and talk to people, eat my lunch on a bench at the park and watch nature. The air conditioning of the buildings is no longer a draw.


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Beach vacations become normal days.

I remember how, as a kid, I looked forward to summer vacations.

  • School was out, we were bored, and anything would have made us happy.

Going to the beach was a way to get away from the house and do something fun. I never thought about how uncomfortable it could be for my parents. We didn’t have air conditioning in the beach house we rented. At that time, I didn’t think about how that may have been because they couldn’t afford a beach house with air conditioning. I wasn’t aware of how it affected my mother’s breathing, or my dad’s heart. After five years of going to the same beach during the summer, we had to stay home. Mom and dad had things happen at the house that didn’t give them enough money to be able to afford to rent the beach house. It was just the one year, but it meant there were a lot of changes in the way the beach house. Over that year, the beach house had air conditioning installed. Actually every house on the beach now had air conditioning. I could see the thrill on mom’s face when she realized we had air conditioning, and that thrill always stayed with me. When I got older, I began to realize how the lack of air conditioning affected mom and dad. They both have lung problems and it must have been affecting them even back then. They always had air conditioning in our home, but being kids, we were very selfish and didn’t care if we had air conditioning, as long as we could get away from home.

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You need to check out the beach during the fall.

One of the things that attracts tourists to the south, are the beaches.

Living in the south, I don’t really see the big draw.

The sun is hot and it really isn’t all that fun. If I want to go out and get a tan, I can do that in my back yard. I also have a heated pool so I can swim whenever I want. Tourists crowd the beaches and there isn’t any room to move. Instead of fighting the crowds and spending time on the beach, I prefer to be home in the air conditioning. The tourists probably have a hotel to go back to. The hotels are all air conditioned. I can’t imagine having to vacation with a bunch of kids. Being locked in a hotel room when it is raining, must be horrible. The only saving grace would be the air conditioning. I prefer to go to the beach during the fall. I can put on a warm sweater and sneakers in the morning. The ocean is gorgeous in the fall, with its bold greys and puffy white clouds. The water is a bit too cold to do any swimming, but that is the reason I got the heated pool. The need for air conditioning in my home is behind me for a while. I can safely turn it off and call the HVAC company. I am saving money on my energy bills for a couple of months. I love the fall and winter, but when in the south, it doesn’t last long enough. It still doesn’t give me any reason to want to move.



Thanksgiving is a season of more than giving thanks.

Thanksgiving was just around the corner and I was thrilled.

When you live in the southeast, Thanksgiving becomes more than a season of giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is also the usher of cooler temperatures and the time to turn off the air conditioning unit. Many people had probably already had their air conditioning units turned down, or even off, but they may have not yet taken the time to call the HVAC company and have the AC unit inspected and cleaned. I look at Thanksgiving as that time of year. I also see Thanksgiving as the season for opening doors and letting Mother Nature into the house. You don’t need to have air conditioning during the next couple months. The doors are open and fresh air comes into the house. Nature’s air conditioning and air freshening are right where you need it. You can hear the hum and music of nature instead of the hum of the air conditioning unit. You see men and women in their winter garb. Boots and ugly Christmas sweaters are suddenly seen in abundance. No one can understand the amount of joy southerners feel during the holidays, unless you are a true southerner. I look forward to pulling out my soft sweaters and those boots I love with my outfits. It is a nice break from the flip flops and tank tops that I wear most days, unless I am at work. My suits are more comfortable now, since I’m not getting sweaty just from my trip from the car into the office. Thanksgiving is for giving thanks for the reprieve from summer and the air conditioning..



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