Heat pump does the job for me during the winter and the summer

I’m so happy to be out of the cold winter region.

This is something that has just changed my life dramatically.

And for the better I might add. Moving south made it so I wasn’t cooped up inside the house with the gas furnace running all the time. And I’m free of the crippling costs of HVAC heating as well. That so doesn’t hurt my feelings either. Since moving south, I’ve gotten much more active which has resulted in my health improving so much. That’s pretty amazing. Had I known that I would finally be able to stick with exercise and proper diet, I would have done this far earlier. I’m also quite smitten with the HVAC equipment I have. When we bought our home, there were several things that had to be updated. In fact, we were able to negotiate such a better price on our house thanks to being willing to do that ourselves. The seller just couldn’t be bothered. Yet, it worked out in our favor with the fact that we were able to do the upgrades to our standard. And had more money to do it with the savings on the cost of the house. The first thing we did was to address the heating and cooling. And since we now live in the land of the heat pump, we got the best residential HVAC we could. Our heat pump has an incredible SEER rating which makes it one of the most efficient heat pump on the market. I love both the savings and the fact that the heat pump has me covered whether it’s winter or summer.


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