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Reasons why your heating bills are so high

With outside temperatures dropping during winter, many households experience increased heating bills. Multiple factors can contribute to the energy bill increase. One, your furnace could be working harder to maintain the desired heat to keep you comfortable based on how much temperature changes between your indoor space and the outdoor environment. This could result in […]

What to consider during HVAC system upgrade

At some point in time, homeowners consider upgrading their current HVAC system. This desire is more of a need to have a new home appliance as it is an effort to enhance your home’s indoor environment. It happened to me too. However, upgrading a home’s HVAC system isn’t simple. You have to think it through […]

Why should expectant mothers install a quality HVAC system?

External factors contribute significantly to the wellness of a pregnant mother and that of an unborn baby. The choice and maintenance of your HVAC system will significantly impact your health during pregnancy. Poor air quality affects women during pregnancy, while some effects appear in babies and older children. According to studies, poor indoor air quality […]

Looking forward to alone time

My goal is to not need to use a blanket or wear a coat in my own house My boyfriend works from home and really likes staying at home. I never get to be alone in the house at all. Some women don’t like being left alone because they get lonely, bored or scared. Not […]

Forced to set up a home gym

I live in an area where the weather often forces me inside for my workouts. The winter cold typically lasts for six to eight months, with temperatures below freezing and sometimes down to negative twenty-five degrees. The snow piles up in feet in a matter of hours. Spring and fall are usually chilly, windy and […]

Bike riding is a great workout

Cycling is a great way to work my legs and core and get my heart pumping My husband and I grew up, raised our kids and spent the first fifty years of our lives in the northeastern part of the country. We got tired of the sub zero temperatures, endless snow accumulation and extremely lengthy […]

Kids keep losing their house keys

My family keeps an extremely hectic schedule. My husband and I both work very long hours and our three boys are all involved in organized sports. It sometimes seems as if we spend more time away than at home. Although my kids are old enough to get off the bus and spend a few hours […]

Security as part of home automation system

I live in an area that experiences every type of weather extreme. We deal with temperatures down to twenty-five below zero in the winter and into the upper eighties in the summer. We’re very familiar with snow, sleet, torrential downpours, hail, high winds and brutal humidity. The weather causes a lot of damage, work and […]

Steadily upgrading apartments

Between graduating college and buying my own home, I spent five years renting various apartments. I started out with very little money, struggling to come up with the security deposit and to pay the rent. My first apartment was extremely small and rundown. It was located in a sketchy neighborhood, and I couldn’t wait to […]