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The heat pump does it all for us

I’m honestly blissful to live right where I do. This is honestly honestly close to where I was raised. But when I was a stupid kid, I just had no idea how great this place honestly was. I was constantly moaning about how hot it was. For sure, it gets sizzling from June through September […]

This is my favorite place for dinner

The pandemic blew up our lives as it did with so multiple other people. But it could have been far worse. There are so multiple people out there who lost people and are struggling with that new normal. My new normal was much less traumatic. But it still wasn’t so easy. Both of us had […]

I’m just happy to get back home

Okay, so most people tend to do the retirement transfer the complete opposite of the way I just did it. I went from living in the south where the heat pump is king to moving up north. And the heat pump just isn’t any sort of match for the sort Winter time the people I […]

Ductwork cleaning is now plus essential

I don’t actually want to be that guy. But I often am, at least inside the quality heating plus air of our home. My hubby knew I was a bit of clean freak when he married me so that’s on him. The youngsters just roll their eyup but they believe that putting stuff away plus […]

I am cooped up in this house for too long

I’m so ecstatic to be out of the cold Wintertide region. This is something that has just changed our life dramatically. And for the better I might add. Moving south made it so I wasn’t cooped up inside the house with the gas oil furnace running all the time. And I’m free of the crippling […]