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It was time to take the certification test.

I was surprised at how many different certification exams the state offered. It was quite interesting, but the only certification exam I cared about was the HVAC certification. I wanted to be known as a certified HVAC technician. I knew the only way I was going to get a good job in a reputable HVAC […]

He had to work hard in school.

He knew that now all he had to do was take his certification exam After graduation from high school, my brother went right into the technical college. He wanted to be an HVAC technician, and he was anxious to start his career as soon as possible. Since he had been working since he was fifteen, […]

It was hard to make my decision.

Once I was out of high school, I wanted to head down to the technical college and enroll. I wanted to find out when the first classes for the HVAC program began. I was shocked to find out that the HVAC program was very strict with the people they accepted. They wanted excellent grades and […]

My cousin wanted to go to school.

It seemed that everyone wanted to go to HVAC technical school My cousin recently graduated from high school. Her parents had been pressuring about what she was going to do now that she wasn’t going to school, but she wasn’t sure. She thought about going back to school, but she had just got out of […]

I was dressed for the beach.

It’s funny how all of the great holidays are in the fall. You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah. All of these holidays climax at the end of the year with a huge celebration of a New Year and the hopes of a new and improved year. I love the holidays as much as anyone, […]

Beach vacations become normal days.

I remember how, as a kid, I looked forward to summer vacations. School was out, we were bored, and anything would have made us happy. Going to the beach was a way to get away from the house and do something fun. I never thought about how uncomfortable it could be for my parents. We […]

Thanksgiving is a season of more than giving thanks.

Thanksgiving was just around the corner and I was thrilled. When you live in the southeast, Thanksgiving becomes more than a season of giving thanks. Thanksgiving is also the usher of cooler temperatures and the time to turn off the air conditioning unit. Many people had probably already had their air conditioning units turned down, […]

I could finally leave the door open.

Living in the southernmost part of the United tSates, is usually a state of heat every day. If you have goosebumps at any time, you savor the feeling. A lot of older people who live here say that we have three seasons. The first season is hot, the second is hotter, and the third season […]

I had a really difficult customer

Everyone at task knows that we aren’t supposed to use marijuana, but almost everyone does! We’re only about ten minutes from a state that allows recreational cannabis. My boss knows that we use marijuana and the only thing he has ever said was do not work under the influence. I totally respect that rule and […]