Sunroom gets some residential HVAC

When we moved down here, my wife was just crazy about being outside.

Since we were no longer dealing with a winter that needs a gas furnace, she wanted to be outside. To that end, she also wanted us to get a place with a sunroom. A sunroom didn’t exactly make all the much sense to me given that we lived in a very sunny region. But I really wanted our retirement transition to be good for both of us. If she was game to buying a house next to our on a golf course, I could sure deal with a sunroom. We moved in the fall and just loved the house from the get go. We had the HVAC equipment replaced when we bought the place but hadn’t been back since the heating and cooling equipment was installed. Of course, the fall weather where we live is glorious. And so the new heat pump just stayed dormant. Finally, in the middle of January, we hit a cold snap and the heat pump came on for the first time. It was more than up to the task. This whole time, my wife was soaking up the sunroom and making really part of our house. But by late spring, I knew that the sunroom was going to need some air conditioning if she was going to use it in the summer. I had the HVAC professionals install a ductless heat pump out there and it blew my mind with just how great it worked. So with the air conditioning from the ductless heat pump, my wife never skipped a beat all summer in her sunroom.


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