Make sure the HVAC unit is part of your chore list

I’m not so great about getting things done around the house.

My wife can attest to that.

Still, it’s not like I’m just a caveman who expects to simply have his wife do everything. But for a long time, I was in a very predictable cycle. I’d go to work and sit at my desk inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office all day. And then, I’d come home just to sit in my recliner enjoying the central air conditioning of home. Sure, I’d get up for dinner or pick up one of the kids. I might even motivate enough to get to the grocery once every couple of months. The rest was on my wife and that wasn’t fair. She worked too and is a wonderful mother. It was clear that I needed to change up my cycle. Getting off my butt was the answer. My wife and I decided to join a gym and meet there right after work. We’d work out for an hour inside the commercial HVAC of the gym before picking up one or both of the kids from wherever. And instead of going right to the recliner in the central air conditioning, I got about doing chores for an hour or so before dinner. I’m even getting the HVAC air filter changed every month and on time. That’s something that should have been getting done all along but it wasn’t. These days, the HVAC unit is happy, my wife is happy and I’m feeling a whole lot better about myself.
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