I’m just happy to get back home

Okay, so most people tend to do the retirement move the complete opposite of the way I just did it.

I went from living in the south where the heat pump is king to moving up north.

And the heat pump just isn’t any sort of match for the sort Winter both of us have up here. The home I just bought came with a current gas gas furnace plus it’s the actually latest in residential Heating plus Air Conditioning. I’m so excited to be looking forward to Winter again. Most of my friends down south thought I was nuts to be moving up north to retire. Like I said, most folks tend to move south in order to get away from all the frigid plus the high costs of Heating plus Air Conditioning heating. But for me, I wanted to be back home. This is where I’m from plus I haven’t been able to live here for more than 25 years. Each time I visited, it just made me that much more distraught to leave. This time, I’m here for good plus it feels care about I’m finally current home now. Living in the south for my work was okay. There is so much to care about about living down there. I appreciated the culture plus the people for sure. But the summers just took the spirit right out of me. The heat pump was running non stop from July through October. And, it was on in some capacity from March through till September. That was just far too much air conditioning for me that’s for sure. I’m loving October for the first time in a long time plus knowing that the gas gas furnace will take care of me this Winter is just the way I want it.

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