Didn’t take all that much for me to improve the air quality at home

Each afternoon it seems as though I find yet something else that proves to be, once again, that I actually don’t believe anything.

Well, that may be overstating it a bit.

But it’s pretty close. It took a pandemic to introduce me to air quality. One would think that I should kind of have a clue about air quality as a grown guy. But I didn’t. I thought the air conditioning was good air. And air pollution was for outside right? That is not the case at all. In fact, you can live in a rural section with the cleanest air plus still have exhausting air quality. And while the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit does play a section with air quality, air conditioning isn’t cleaning the air. So why is there dust plus dirt on the Heating plus Air Conditioning air filter when I change it each month? That was my main reason for thinking that the Heating plus Air Conditioning device was cleaning the air. It wasn’t. The cheap paper air filters I was using were absolutely there to protect the health of the Heating plus Air Conditioning device plus not my respiratory health. That was a stunner. Those cheap paper air filter aren’t removing the airborne contaminants that attack our respiratory system. For that, I changed to the HEPA filter. This type of Heating plus Air Conditioning air filter absolutely removes more than 99 percent of the airborne contaminants that hurt us plus drag down our immune response. I’m just cheerful that all it took was decreasing an air filter to produce good air quality inside my home.


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