The recent heat wave caused major problems in the house

It’s only June, and we still have to worry about July and August

The recent heat wave has caused the temperatures to be over 100 degrees for a whole week. The heat wave caused major problems in the house. I thought that our air conditioner was working very well until it had to work hard to get rid of all that heat and humidity. On three separate days, the air conditioner stopped working in the afternoon. The coils were frozen and we had to wait for them to defrost before we could use the machine again. We’ve never had this problem happen in the past, but we’ve never had more than a day or two of triple-digit temperatures. The first day that we had high temps, it was 107 degrees. The next 6 days, we had temperatures between 100 and 105 degrees. Now that the heatwave is over, I’ve decided to contact a local air conditioner repair company to see if they can service that machine. The service tune up includes all of the electrical and mechanical parts of the system. They clean all of the drain line, evaporator coils, and the air vents and they replace the air filter. They also check the refrigerant levels and all of the hoses. I’d like to make sure that the air conditioner works better if we have another heatwave this summer. It’s only June, and we still have to worry about July and August. Even in September, the temperatures are usually in the 90s. It makes sense to have the work done now, so we can be stress-free with very little anxiety throughout the rest of the summer.

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