The heat wave has caused us some serious issues

The recent heat wave has caused the temperatures to be over 100 degrees for a fairly long while… The heat wave caused critical problems in the dwelling.

I actually thought that our cooling system was working actually well until it had to work especially hard to get rid of all that heat & humidity! On numerous occasions, the cooling appliance stopped working during the day. The coils were frozen & the people I was with and I had to wait for them to defrost before the people I was with and I could use the appliance again. We’ve never had this complication happen in the past, however we have never had more than a day or two of triple-digit temperatures. The first day that the people I was with and I had especially high temps, it was 108 degrees. The next 6 afternoons, the people I was with and I had temperatures between 100 & 105 degrees. Now that the heatwave is behind us, I have decided to contact a local cooling appliance service dealer to see if they can service that machine. The service tune up includes all of the electrical & mechanical parts of the system. They wash all of the drain line, evaporator coils, & the air vents & they update the air filter. They also check the refrigerant levels & all of the hoses on top of everything else. I had to make sure that the cooling appliance works better if the people I was with and I have another heatwave this hot season. It’s only July, & the people I was with and I still have to worry about August & September… Even in August, the temperatures are usually in the 90s. It makes sense to have the work done at this time, so the people I was with and I can be stress-free with very little anxiety throughout the remainder of the hot season.

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