The air filtration system was down all afternoon

I work in a sawmill five days each week.

I work inside of a large building that turns large boards into smaller boards.

We have an air filtration system that helps to get rid of the dust and wood particles that are inside of the air. When the air filtration system is working, there is very little sawdust anywhere in the shop. It’s really easy to tell when the air filtration system is not working, because the place looks like it is covered with sawdust. Yesterday, the air filtration system was down all afternoon. The boss called the mechanic on shift to take a look at the machine, but he could not fix the problem and suggested it was better to call the industrial HVAC company that installed the air filtration system. When the boss found out that the guy was not going to be able to fix the problem, he decided to send everyone home early. The industrial HVAC company could not send a technician for at least two or three hours and we cannot run production unless the air filtration system is working. I got to go home early for the afternoon and that is really something very rare. When I came home from work early and surprised my girlfriend, she suggested we go somewhere and spend the afternoon together doing something fun. I thought it was a great idea, but I was looking forward to a nap when I got done early. My girlfriend looked so excited to see me home from work early. I could not let her down, so we went to the zoo.