Judy has had the same heat pump for 2 decades

Judy is one of those women who is never afraid to venture out on her own.

In fact, she was among the first cabin owners in an area that was once quite isolated.

Judy moved away from the city after her partner passed away. She had sought the solace of the wilderness to grieve and heal. After that, she bought a cabin in the area and never looked back. Her life has been all about taking hikers around the area and ensuring campers have a great time. Last fall, Judy was getting ready for a big group that was coming to camp on her land and explore the area. The days were warm, but the nights got quite cold, so Judy began using her heat pump early. One evening, she was in the kitchen making dinner when it hit her why her heat pump was acting up. It had been 2 decades since the time she got a new heat pump installed in her cabin. The unit wasn’t failing because of any problems. It’s because her heat pump was too old. It was literally falling apart, so Judy had to start thinking about buying a new heat pump. The good news is Judy has a friend in town who specializes in heating. He ensures all the folks living in this isolated part of the world have proper heating for winter. Judy called him and explained she wanted to update her aging heat pump since it’s almost 20 years old. She wasn’t surprised when her friend laughed and said it was about time Judy got rid of that failing unit.

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