The HVAC technician advised me on the best time to turn on the AC after winter

Finally, I had a place to call my own, jumping up and down.

  • I was a homeowner after many years of having this dream in my heart.

It’s not as easy today as millennials to own a house because we have many burdens. My biggest hindrance was the student loans I had to pay back after university. After completing the payments, fate smiled upon me, and I got a promotion at work. The extra money was enough to save and put a down payment on my first place. Part of the work in the new house was installing a new heating and cooling system. The seller had an HVAC system in place, but I felt better starting with a new one in my new home. I had an HVAC technician take a look at the old HVAC system, and she agreed with my assessment. It took some time to remove the old HVAC system and install separate cooling and heating systems in the house. Thankfully, the installations were done before winter, and I tested the heating system that first winter. After the snowy days were gone, I wasn’t sure the best time to turn on the air conditioner, so I called my HVAC technician. Her advice was to wait until the temperature in the house was about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I’d help open the windows to allow the natural breeze to cool my home during the day. Only when it got too hot should I start using the AC.


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