The AC was the best part of the whole line

My family plus myself visited an Adventure Park and the two of us had not been there since we were younger. It was easily nostalgic to walk into the gate plus remember all of the little things from several years ago. All of us were gleeful to ride the roller coaster when everyone of us entered the park. We had an amazing time. The better part of the day, both of us rode every single ride due to the fact that there were no real long lines. During waiting for the last roller coaster, there was some technical difficulties for the ride. Every one of us could not help but think grateful for the line being interior due to the lovely AC proposal that kept us cool. If both of us had been outside in line then there would only have been some oscillating fans that would blow on us. That is not the same as ice cold AC. Every one of us spent most of our day walking through the park in the Heat and also humidity. Some of the lines seem to be longer than others and I wondered if it was due to the fact that some of the buildings have AC Vents and others don’t. Circulation in the area wasn’t absolutely the greatest. Every one of us quickly thought how it would be to rest in a long outdoor line with 0 AC. Then every one of us began to contemplate an indoor park with climate control and mines that are monitored to only be 10 minutes long for each ride.


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