Central AC units are made for larger applications

My boyfriend and I broke up after all of us were together for more than 5 years plus to be honest both of us probably should have broken up a couple of years ago.

Every one of us believe that everyone of us experience life lessons much like this.

I had to move away from the apartment + get a smaller place for myself plus others plus my small cat. The apartment has a certainly nice try. One thing that I absolutely love is the fact that it has Central AC. I never realized how much I needed Central AC until I had to live in an apartment that only had a window unit. The central AC is much quieter than a window unit. The window air conditioners are easily much louder. In the morning when I set my alarm, I have to adjust it to a much higher volume to compensate for the sound of the loud window air conditioner. The window air conditioner can also have some safety threats for someone to break through. The central AC is installed internally. There aren’t any areas where someone can tamper with your home. The noise of the window AC unit causes myself plus others not to be able to hear folks that are standing on one side of the tiny apartment. Every one of us are certainly enjoying our transition to a different apartment, but it’s nice to live in a place that has Central AC. Change isn’t regularly easy, but I feel like I am going to be much stronger just because of the breakup.


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