Winning the free air conditioning install at the launch of the new company

As an influencer, I find myself being invited to a lot of events involved with more about HVAC systems.

My work involves reviewing new companies in the air conditioning and air quality in the market.

I had received an invitation to launch a new company that had recently entered the market. I was excited about this new company because of the great and exciting approach it was bringing to the field. They were employing HVAC technicians with the basic certification and then training them in new and some of the old systems. They also had a good and wide variety of equipment that improved the lives of people. As I did my research, I discovered they were my local service providers. They had done the HVAC maintenance including ductwork cleaning and AC filter replacement at my neighbor’s house. It is smart to know the company you are promoting. They were even going to do their launch differently from how other companies had done. They would hold a raffle ticket competition and give the attendants some of the products and services. Some of the products and services that would be won included an indoor air cleaning system, a free AC care session as well a free air conditioning install. This exciting launch had drawn a big crowd and a lot of media attention which was good for the new company. I got to the event early, which was an accomplishment. The launch was successful and the company got to showcase their effective a/c care program and their skilled air conditioning experts. When it came to the winners of the prizes, I was excited to discover that I had won a free installation of my new air purifier. My plus one also received free quality AC service.


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