Will Need to Exercise in the Mornings From now On

I’d been exercising in the afternoons while living overseas because it was just too cold in the mornings to do so.

But now I am back in the southeast US where it is really hot and I will need to do my exercising in the mornings to avoid heat exhaustion.

I think we are hitting the 90F mark at 10am, and with the humidity rising too, it just makes it too much for me to try and exercise any time thereafter. We have a big shady oak tree that is good to exercise under, providing natural climate control for me while I do my routine. I come into the house to cool off every thirty minutes or so and feel so good sitting in front of the air conditioning vent with my spray bottle of water misting me. I am older now and have been out of the states for over two years and can feel the difference in how my body is reacting to the change in climate. I am going to have to crawl up in the attic one of these days to seal the ductwork in a few spots and try and figure out why the heat pump stopped working last winter in my cousin’s house where I am staying. I will do this work in the early morning before the sun is even up so I avoid the furnace that the attic turns into in the afternoons. At least that big oak tree helps some with the sun, but it still heats up a lot in the attic.

climate control