Open Mics and HVAC System Tune-Ups This Weekend

I need to tune up my mom’s HVAC system this weekend as it has been a long time since she has had anyone out there with my dad being gone now for over a year. She lives in a big five bedroom five bathroom house and has been working on it to get it ready to sell next year so that she can downsize into a place that is more manageable for her. They have two huge commercial air conditioners because the place is so big and one HVAC unit wasn’t doing the job of cooling it down fast enough. I can’t imagine what their power bills are and this is one of the reasons that she is going to move into a smaller place. Dad was an HVAC system repairman back in the day and ended up running a big HVAC company until he died. He left us with a big pile of money once my mom is gone so I won’t have to really worry about saving for retirement, if I even live that long myself. I plan on working in the HVAC industry, even after getting this pile of money, because I like to feel productive and enjoy working on air conditioners and heaters like I have done since I was a young guy. I am also going to get on stage this weekend and do an open mic near my mom’s house, which is pretty exciting as I haven’t been on stage regularly for many years. I need to do some writing for my set first though.

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