Calling a Cooling Expert Today to Help us Out

We have been having problems with our air conditioning system lately and are going to call an HVAC specialist to come take a look at the system to see what the problem is.

  • I hope he can fix it today because the weather is getting really hot and our little spare mini split air conditioner isn’t going to be able to cool down the whole house.

I noticed a few months ago that something was wrong with the central unit but didn’t have the time or the money to get it fixed. But now, with the weather getting really hot, we have to get it fixed or we will be in for a lot of sleepless nights. We have ceiling fans in all of the rooms but it doesn’t help much if the air conditioning is blowing warm air into all of the rooms. I think they can fix it in one day and am hoping we can get them to come out this afternoon to check it out and hopefully start working on it. Maybe the air conditioner just needs to be charged with coolant or something like that. I cleaned the filters in it recently and even cleaned the grill on the condenser but it still isn’t cooling properly. The local contractor near my house told us that they could come out the same day we call to check out the unit and repair it so I hope they can stick to their word. I’ll have a cup of coffee now and give them a jingle. Have a great day!

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