Benefits of quality AC service for your HVAC system this spring

Spring is here and as much as the weather is great for taking road trips and being outdoors, there is also a lot of pollen. This means that allergies flare up more regularly and respiratory issues increase. However, over the years, I have discovered a great way to keep my family and me comfortable all through spring. This is what I would call generational life hacks. Growing up, I would get sick during spring because of the pollen. I would almost always have a runny nose and a lot of sneezing. One time, my dad was at the local bar watching a football game when he got into a competition with a very successful air conditioning expert, who changed our family’s lives. The professional gave dad the solution to maintaining high indoor air quality all through spring and the rest of the year. According to how dad explained the following morning at breakfast was that we could install an air purifier to clean the air. He also summarized the conversation by saying that regular a/c care especially at the start of spring could help not only to keep the AC filter clean but save on the energy cost. The HVAC technician would be visiting the house later that afternoon to further understand our needs and provide information as well as solutions on more about HVAC. The following week, we had the servicemen at the house handling the air conditioning install. The professional from the local service provider took my parents through an effective a/c care program to maintain the optimal function of the indoor air cleaning system as well as the ac system. Quality AC service, I have come to learn, involves regular well-scheduled HVAC maintenance and ductwork cleaning. This keeps the air clean and maintains proper system function.
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