An Easy Day of Roof Cleaning and Bonfires

I’ve been working like a dog the past few weeks painting my cousin’s house, and I finally finished it yesterday, so now I am giving myself a few days off to just relax.

I am going to clean her roof today, which will only take me a little over half an hour to do.

She has a shingle roof with mildew on it and I am going to spray it with chlorine today to get rid of the mildew and bring back the original color, which has been hidden by ugly black mildew stains. I need to cover the HVAC compressor out back because if chlorine drips on it the compressor can get rusty pretty quickly. I also need to be careful not to get chlorine on the plants under the roof or they will die. I told my cousin to turn off the smart thermostat so the chlorine fumes don’t get into the house while I am up there spraying or it will smell something awful. If you have a shingle roof with mildew it is a good idea to clean it like this because the mildew will grow into the shingles and eat away at the compounds that make up the shingles and eventually destroy the roof. Tomorrow I will clean her HEPA filter and ductwork so that we are ready for our house party this coming weekend with our friends. I am going to stay here for the weekend and then migrate over to my mom’s house for two weeks to do some work over there for her.


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