A free air conditioning install: The best graduation gift ever!

I was finally graduating after being in school for four years.

I had dreamed of being an air conditioning expert since I saw dad go execute quality AC service on our aged system.

In my final year in college, I had discussed with my parents and they had agreed to rent me an apartment for a year as I looked for work or to start a business. I was looking forward to graduating because that would mean freedom. I would have my place and be responsible for myself. We got a great one that had all the amenities I wanted but I wish the owners knew more about HVAC because it lacked an efficient air purifier, especially being situated near a beautiful vineyard. Though I was busy studying for the finals, I squeezed in some time to shop for my household stuff. I had asked dad to help out with the air quality issue. He gathered information on what I needed to solve the issue including a new indoor air cleaning system as well as qualified HVAC technicians to do the fitting. He then gave me the invoice, and the sum almost caused me to faint. He helped me apply for financial assistance from the local service provider in the town district. I continued with my finals and was able to graduate. That night at graduation dinner, as we all happily enjoyed our meals, dad handed me an envelope containing my gift. Dad had paid for the air conditioning install as well as the first HVAC maintenance session. This was crucial because effective a/c care programs cost a fee. At Least now I did not have to worry about scheduling an a/c care session to have the ac filter and ductwork cleaning done for the next two years.

HVAC technician