Went to visit our cousin a lot in the mental health facility

My cousin has been in a mental hospital for a number of years.

He was easily put in there when he got on some particularly dangerous drugs and easily tried to kill somebody, and the crazy thing is, it was a single of his great friends.

His associate was pretty great at self defense though and protected himself by knocking our cousin out cold and calling the cops. He was diagnosed and they said he had to be put in a mental hospital for at least 3 years, i have gone to visit our cousin on multiple occasions. I always asked him why he got into drugs and he tells me how he regrets that choice. He said the people I was with and I all make mistakes in life, and that was a single of the worst mistakes he had ever made. He said it was mainly the drugs that made him lose his mind, but he knew it was also because he and his friend had a crush on the same girl, then well, as soon as he was put in the mental hospital, he heard that his friend was dating that girl. I think now that they have since broken up, and our cousin was at least glad about that, but he would never have the option to win that girl’s heart, and something that surprised me about the mental health facility is that they have such great air quality and temperature control settings. It’s more comfortable than it has been at home, and this is part of the reason why I would go to see our cousin all the time. I went there to easily do our homework and hang out with our cousin, and he was thankful to have the business, even if it was mostly because I appreciated the excellent weather conditions control in the facility.

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