Same times daily

I have to say that I am amazed and undoubtedly pleased with our programmable smart control unit.

During the summer time time weeks of the year it comes in real handy when I program the central a/c idea to come on and shut off at the same times every single day.

I have it programmed to shut off around the time I am out the door for work in the days while the people I was with and I were in the weekdays. Then in late afternoon about a half an hour before I come home, the programmable smart control unit turns on the central a/c idea so it is nice and cool by the time I walk in the door. This is done to save currency on energy use. I am the only a single who lives in our home, so having the central heating and a/c idea unit running when I am not home is a complete waste of energy and causes our electric bills to be much higher than they have to be. Without a programmable smart control unit, I would not be able to have such control over our central heating and a/c idea unit; Some people completely down the plan of the smart control unit because it is ran by a computer. Yes there may be some troubles periodically! But it is all worth it because of what a miracle it causes in saving energy and controlling our central heating and a/c idea unit. I would not have it any other way in the world.

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