I never entirely planned on getting smart devices in my house

I entirely never understood all the fuss about smart technology until a buddy showed me how to use a smart thermostat.

He had other smart things in his lake house too appreciate a smart refrigerator plus smart curtains that worked with his thermostat.

He said he had his curtains set to close as soon as the sun started shining at that side of the house. He said the energy savings with things as easy as this were fantastic. I had looked into energy saving tips before, but I had to admit, he had some of the best energy saving tips around. He’s the a single who told me that I would save as much as 15% on my utility bills just by upgrading to a thermostat. As soon as I knew about that, I realized that it would be foolish for me to keep on using my seasoned dial thermostat when I could be saving a lot of currency. He wasn’t lying either, I started saving a immense amount on the utility bills when I finally had a professional come out to my lake house to install a smart thermostat. I also had the air duct cleaning done at that time plus I had a UV air purification plan installed because I wanted to have better air quality with less chances of becoming sick in my home. I don’t guess I need something so lavish as a smart refrigerator, but I have considered getting a single of those Alexa devices. It would be cool to be able to adjust the temperature control settings by simply voicing commands, plus I heard that Alexa devices can work with your smart thermostat to do that. So that will absolutely be the next smart device I go for in my home.


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