Emergency Heat

Even with your thickest jacket on, does your home think colder than usual? If so, check your control unit, but if the temperature is significantly lower than it should be, it might be time to turn on your emergency heat, but what does emergency heat do? When the outside temperature is too frigid for your heat pump to keep your home warm, emergency heat is the best option.

When the heat pump freezes over or becomes destructiond, you should switch to emergency heat and contact an Heating and A/C dealer, but heat pumps heat your home by pulling in heat from the outdoors, but they can also cool your home by releasing heat outside, and neither heat nor frigid air can be generated by heat pumps… They transport heat and frigid from a single site to another.

To create a comfortable home temperature, heat pumps use electricity and refrigerant. The refrigerant transfers heat from an indoor unit to a heat pump’s compressor. If you live in an area with milder hot and cold temperatures, heat pumps are superb for saving currency and energy. When hot and cold temperatures drop too low and emergency heat is required, you should always have a backup heating source. During frigid weather, your heat pump cannot pull enough warmth from the outdoor air to heat your home! You can keep hot by using a hourary heating source, such as emergency heat. The heat pump emergency heat setting is used when the heat pump needs to take a break to prevent idea destruction. Furthermore, it works well to heat your home in below-frigid hot and cold temperatures. The “em heat” setting on your control unit indicates that your emergency heat is on. This mode will remain on until you turn it off manually. When your system’s emergency heat is turned on, your compressor and heat pump automatically shut off, and your electric heat strips come on… As a result, you get heat without damaging your outdoor heat pump! Emergency heat is usually electric, but it can also run on gas or oil. When you manually turn on the emergency heat on your control unit, the idea bypasses the heat pump and directly accesses the electric heat strip or the gas or oil gas furnace. In electric systems, your air handler becomes an electric gas furnace, and call your local Heating and A/C maintenance provider if the temperature outside reaches 40 degrees or above and your home still cannot stay hot without emergency heat. There may be a concern with your heat pump.

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