Poor heating and cooling makes it hard to work on art

Art is 1 of the most excellent parts of life, however as an artist, I see art in every single space of the world surrounding me. I sincerely see art in the corners of our dwelling, in the fields outside, in the trees, the skyline plus the horizon, in each cloud, plus almost everything that I look at. As it turns out, I have a pretty nice talent for translating what I see into paint on canvas. If you’re an artist, especially a painter, then you can imagine how much focus plus concentration it takes. With that in mind, it is unquestionably impossible for me to concentrate plus produce art in a room with terrible Heating and Air Conditioning. Even if I’m extremely inspired by a snowy winter season landscape playing out outside of our kitchen window, I’ll find it relatively taxing to paint anything if the oil furnace in our dwelling isn’t working properly. In fact, I’d unquestionably be shivering too much plus violently to hold my paintbrush in a proper manner! At that point, our oil furnace would be needed to make me entirely feel comfortable plus relaxed enough to focus on painting. The same goes for painting during the hot season, as well, however painting in a sweltering room without a properly functioning a/c appliance during the warm season is no straight-forward work at all. I’d be covered in sweat plus feeling super sticky to the point it would be a taxing work position to focus on any fantastic details. Not to mention our paintbrush slipping in my fingers due to my hands covered in sweat as well. All in all, I couldn’t be more glad that I have a room with good Heating and Air Conditioning to make art in!

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