Bad HVAC and Art

Art is one of the most beautiful parts of life.

As an artist, I see art in every single part of the world around me. I see art in the corners of my house, in the fields outside, in the trees, the skyline and the horizon, in each cloud, and almost everything that I lay my eyes on. As it turns out, I have a real talent for translating what I see into paint on canvas. If you’re an artist, especially a painter, then you know how much focus and concentration it takes. With that in mind, it is absolutely impossible for me to concentrate and produce art in a room with bad HVAC. Even if I’m extremely inspired by a snowy winter landscape playing out outside of my living room window, I’ll find it extremely hard to paint anything if the heater in my home isn’t working properly. In fact, I’d probably be shivering too hard and violently to hold my paintbrush properly! At that point, my heater would be needed to make me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to focus on painting. The same goes for painting during the summer, as well. Painting in a sweltering room without a properly functioning air conditioning during the summer is no easy task at all. I’d be sweating so hard and feeling so sticky that it would be a difficult task to focus on any fine details, not to mention my paintbrush slipping in my fingers due to my hands sweating as well. All in all, I couldn’t be more thankful that I have a room with good HVAC to make my art in!


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