Glad to know that I can count on the HVAC company

When we decided to roll the dice on getting one more summer out of our heat pump, I wasn’t really even factoring in the HVAC company.

To me, they had already done their job.

The HVAC technician had informed us that our heat pump was on the ropes when he was there to do the air conditioning tune-up. And we met with an HVAC contractor to understand the costs and the choices we needed to make when it came to replacing the HVAC equipment. So really, the HVAC company had done what they were supposed to do as far as I as concerned. I would find out later that they really did have our backs. The simple reason we went ahead and tried for another summer with the old heat pump was money. We hadn’t been saving up for the new HVAC equipment as we had planned a few years ago. We really wanted to just buy it outright instead of going with the financing. So we needed some more time to save up. My wife and I thought that if we could just get one more summer in, we’d have the money. That meant that we really did our best when it came to reducing the load on the old HVAC unit. Still, that turned out not to be enough. The HVAC unit crashed at the end of August. However, the HVAC company stepped in and saved us while with portable air conditioning units while we waited for our turn for installation. Our HVAC company is just the best and we are so pleased to still be doing business with them after 25 years.

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