You won’t get website traffic without search engine optimization

My child was at a loss why he hadn’t had a single person look at his website for his new business.

  • Starting a heating as well as air conditioning corporation was hard, however when your only means of advertising were your website, it had to be perfect.

He asked myself and others if I could supply him some advice. I studied through his website and it did not impress myself and others with what I saw. I couldn’t know he hadn’t told me and others about the website, since he knew I actually built websites for a living. He told myself and others he knew I was constantly busy, and he didn’t want to bother me. I went over everything he had on the website, and I explained where he could use more content. I explained to him about SEO, Search engine optimization, and how it would help him to slowly get more traffic to his website. SEO was a way of adding keywords that would tell the search engines where to send all of the requests for heating as well as air conditioning clients in his area. By adding SEO and improving the content of his website, I guaranteed he would get people going to see his actual website. He had to follow up on those who sent in requests and be sure to reach out to them. Every one of us added a FAQ’s page and a landing page, which he just didn’t have. Every one of us also added a page about his heating as well as air conditioning corporation and everything his corporation was able to do and what his specialties were. After about two weeks, all of us put his website live again. Within a month, he had already acquired 6 separate new clients and had over fifty hits on his website.

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