We argued over what kind of furniture we wanted.

My partner and I agree on most everything.

I thought my world was being turned upside down the other week.

He argued about what kind of furniture we were buying for our new home. I didn’t know he had such powerful feelings about furniture. He was nearly putting his foot down on having European style furniture in our house. I tried to explain that we built our house to be light and airy. We didn’t really have room for the heavy look of European furniture. He showed me pictures of French style furniture. I liked the ornate look of French furniture, but I still didn’t like how it looked ‘old’. We were still young and I couldn’t see heavy or ornate furniture in our new home. He would not listen to anything I had to say. I showed him some beautiful wooden chairs and tables. They had some of the scrolling you saw on the legs of French furniture. There was the darkness of European furniture, but it was more modern looking. The wooden tables and chairs wouldn’t take up nearly the amount of space as European or French-style furniture. It wasn’t until later that evening that he told me he had a storage unit filled with European furniture that dated back to the eighteenth century that was handed down through the family. I said I would go look at it and anything he wanted to keep would go into the house. I hoped he wouldn’t decide on bringing everything home, but I had already relented and agreed to go to the storage unit with him.

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